The ALKrew and Mass Mentoring filled the top floor of Bostonia Public House for one of our most eagerly anticipated events of the year last night. Drinks were flowing, hors d’oeuvres were on every table and the room was buzzing with excitement as the ALKrew presented the 3rd annual ALKU scholarship award with Mass Mentoring Partnership. The annual ALKU Scholarship grants the recipient a $20,000 scholarship over the course of four years. The ALKrew was so pleased to present this year’s Scholarship to Daniel Mbusa of Worcester, Massachusetts at the Cheers to Mentoring Celebration.

Daniel moved to Massachusetts from Uganda in 2013. From an early age, Daniel had to take on responsibilities that most kids don’t. His family, as Congolese refugees, left Uganda and came to America after being forced out by war. His father passed away which left his mother to take care of six children as a single parent. Daniel has had to step up and help his mom take care of his younger siblings. Even in the face of all these challenges, Daniel has been able to stay motivated in school and in his community.

Guests at the event heard from Daniel who expressed his deep gratitude for ALKU and Mass Mentoring. Although soft spoken, Daniel left a huge impression on the ALKrew, explaining how one day he hopes to become a Physician. “There is nothing I like more than physics,” he proudly stated. Daniel has been fortunate enough to be matched with his mentor, Frank, through the African Community Education program (ACE). Frank and Daniel’s strong relationship helps to keep Daniel motivated and in high spirits, as Frank has been supporting him every step of the way for the last four years.

This annual event is one that is talked about throughout the office in the weeks upcoming, and one that no ALKrew members want to miss. ALKU made up around 50 of the guests at the event. “It was heart warming to watch such a deserving young man receive the ALKU scholarship last night,” says Zach Canto, Account Manager at ALKU, “Daniel’s story and all of his hard work is a testament to the power of mentoring and how much can be overcome with hard work and opportunity. I think I speak for all of ALKU in saying he is destined for success!”

ALKU takes immense pride in supporting the mentoring cause through this scholarship. ALKU not only supports MMP, but also is a passionate supporter of mentoring overall. This is seen through the several events ALKU participates in, including most recently the Rodman Ride for Kids. “It is truly rewarding to be able to take our commitment to the mentoring cause a step further and witness the effects of our efforts with this scholarship,” Becca Crossley, ALKU Marketing Programs Coordinator stated. It is because of the dedication and support of the ALKrew that we are able to take part in this remarkable event.

We know Daniel will accomplish whatever he puts his mind to and we can’t wait to continue following Daniel on his journey to success in college next year and for years to come!

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