ALKU is pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Bull to Vice President. Andrew has led the Quality group from a start up division into the company’s most successful division in just five short years. Most recently, Andrew has taken on responsibility in the Government division to provide leadership, most immediately to build a larger and more robust sales force.

Andrew started in June of 2011 and quickly became the top producing recruiter in the company. Andrew then moved over to account management and moved into the Quality group. Once there, Andrew made a name for himself by making the group the fastest growing division in the company. Through his own individual efforts, and by helping grow other successful sales people, Andrew was able to build a senior team. Since this spring, Andrew has been lending his expertise to the Government group, and has started to develop a new sales team down there.

In his new role, Andrew will be fully responsible for business development and financial performance of both the Quality and Government Solutions business lines for ALKU. This will include oversight of four distinct business groups, as well as developing a senior level management team to run the day to day in each group. Andrew will ultimately be responsible for the strategic vision for these groups, as well as all personnel decisions. Andrew’s biggest contribution to ALKU’s culture and morale is to show people what is possible if you strive for greatness, and then to spend time helping his people achieve a similar level for themselves.

“While all promotions are made based upon the merit of someone’s previous performance, they are also made because there is a belief that the future performance will be even more valuable.  This is certainly the case with Andrew.  Every challenges that he has faced has been met with enthusiasm and competence.  I know that Andrew will be an influential member of the Leadership Team here at ALKU for many years to come.  This promotion is well-deserved.” – Mark Eldridge, CEO

We know Andrew will be successful in this new role. Please join ALKU in congratulating Andrew Bull as Vice President!

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