ALKU is pleased to announce the promotion of Patty Blanchard to Medical Device Recruiting Manager!

Patty started at ALKU full time in June 2015 after interning for three intern sessions. Patty has proven herself as an invaluable member of the ALKrew. She has shown to be capable of not only leading and developing a team of recruiters, but also continuing to build and maintain her own success.

Patty brings a refreshing combination of unique ideas and a cheerful spirit that is welcomed by her peers. With every task she is faced with, Patty has embraced the challenge and made the most of each opportunity. She is reliable, passionate, and is a respected leader at ALKU. Patty consistently brings a positive attitude and passion for success to ALKU that is respected and mirrored by her coworkers.

In her new role, Patty will be responsible for overseeing the Medical Device recruiting team. This will include leadership and direction for all personnel, production, and operational aspects of the team. She will continue to develop and mentor recruiters on her team, as well as train and develop future employees. In addition to this, Patty will be involved in strategic devision making within the Medical Device division.

We know Patty will be successful in her role. Please join ALKU in congratulating Patty Blanchard as the new Medical Device Recruiting Manager!

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example. Patty exemplifies this every day. That’s what makes this promotion so obvious. Patty is someone that you know will show up to work with a smile on her face and put in the effort to help her and her team be successful.  She has led a young group of recruiters by being patient, caring, and constructive. She has shown them the keys to recruiting in her own success, and helped them realize their own potential in the process. She has flourished in every role she’s held at ALKU from being a successful recruiter, mentoring interns, to developing fulltime employees. I have no doubt that Patty will continue to thrive in her new role as Medical Device Recruiting Manager. Congratulations Pat!!!” – Dennis Kapsimalis


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