ALKU offers independent Workday contracting services to customers and consultants nationwide.  Two years ago, ALKU began staffing within the Workday industry and has launched a Workday division that is dedicated to filling the needs of Workday customers and providing opportunities for independent Workday consultants.

Interested in going independent? Curious to what ALKU has to offer you? Here are some frequently asked questions by Workday consultants.

What type of Workday contract opportunities do you have?

At ALKU we have successfully placed consultants throughout the entire Workday product suite. This is included but not limited to:

  • Project/Program Management and Change Management
  • HCM (Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, Compensation, Talent Management,Recruiting, Time Tracking, Security)
  • Integration (EIB/ PICOF Workday Studio Big Data)
  • Testing Leads and Testers
  • Reporting (Dashboard, Composite, Report Writer)
  • Financial Management (Revenue Management, Accounting and Finance, Procurement, Management Reporting, Expenses Project, Business Analysts)

Do you offer traveling and/or remote contract opportunities?

Yes, we work with clients nationwide! Each project is case by case based on the client’s preference. Some clients require 100% onsite, some allow for the consultants to be 100% remote or percentage of their time remote.

How long do your Workday contracts last?

Our contracts can last anywhere from 1 month to 36 months. Each contract is different based on the type of projects the client needs assistance with. The average is usually 4-6months.

Is ALKU able to continuously find me new Workday projects?

ALKU always has the consultants best interest at heart. Once placed on a project with ALKU, you are given a point of contact (your recruiter). Your recruiter will provide consistent open communication & follow up with you. Your recruiter will work to get you your next opportunity whether it is an extension on your current project, or finding you a new project that the perfect fit for you.

What happens to my Workday certifications if I decide to go independent?

Your Workday certifications will still exist if you decide to go independent, however they will expire after two Workday releases (up to 12 months). Our clients usually grant access to the Workday Community and new functionality videos therefore, that will still be readily available.

A certification proves legitimate training on the system but is by no means the most important selling point to a client. Experience with Workday and a consultative approach are valued most heavily.

As an independent Workday consultant working with ALKU, what are the benefits?

We understand the meaning and value behind having strong relationships with our consultants. When you work with ALKU you become a part of the #ALKUMMUNITY! Open communication and follow through are just some of the perks you can expect when working with ALKU. Benefits that you will receive are: weekly pay, access to a time-sheet app, an electronic on-boarding process making it easy for the consultant to receive info and you will receive an additional point of contact; a consultant administrator. We also offer the standard benefits of 401k and health insurance.

How do I get involved with working with ALKU as an independent Workday contractor?

If interested in finding out more information about Workday consulting with ALKU, you can send us an email through by clicking here or give us a call at 978-296-6900 and ask to speak to a Workday Recruiter.


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