ALKU and its management team are thrilled to announce the promotion of David Bruner to Vice President of Business Development. David has been at ALKU since the beginning in 2008. He has been involved in the starting and ramping up of every single division within ALKU in one way or another.

Not only has David been a consistent leader in results, but also he was involved in the creation of a great deal of the sales processes and strategies that we use every day. More importantly, David has been instrumental in the creation of the work ethic that has been the cornerstone of ALKU culture. David’s contribution to culture extends past this work ethic that he has established over the years. He is always willing and able to bring an energy and liveliness to the floor, whether it’s from opportunity and consideration he gets from clients or just his sense of humor and engagement with whom he interacts.

In his new role, David will be partnering with Division Directors to provide input on strategic decisions made by the company. He will have full responsibility for the training and development of all sales interns within the Regional Training Centers. He will be responsible for the research, prospect and proof of concept for all prospective new business units. In addition to this, he will be in charge of the creation and implementation of best practices for start ups, turn around or acquisition groups.

“I am thrilled to announce the promotion of Dave to this new role. Dave has been a vital part of the success and culture of ALKU from the very beginning.  Dave’s career here shows all the different ways a person can have success in the career path of their choice at ALKU.  For his first 5 or 6 years, Dave understood that his interests, as well as his best chance to impact ALKU’s growth, involved his personal production and his ability to sell.  In that time, Dave was the undisputed leader in productivity year after year.  Over the past few years, Dave’s interests and priorities have changed, and he has found a great passion in trying to help other sales people achieve some of the success he has found.  This role seeks to capitalize on his knowledge of this industry and his eagerness to help others achieve that same sort of success.” – Matt Ovanes, Executive Vice President

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