While there are only three days leading up to the Boston Marathon, Sam Melchiorri is ready for race day. She describes her training as tough, but she feels excited for the big day. Leading up to the Marathon, Sam has done over five half marathons and then some. Her training plan tells her to run 16 miles, then 17, 18, 19, take a break, and then 20. After that, it teeters back down to two mile runs.

“I’m excited to see all the crowds at the race, I’m hoping it will help motivate me!” Sam explains. When asked what she’s the most excited about, she says she can’t wait to go through her hometown of Natick, MA. Natick is about the halfway mark, so she’s looking forward to that moment and to see some familiar faces in the crowd.

What is she nervous about? “Getting over Heartbreak Hill. I heard it’s really tough!”. However, she knows once she gets there, she will be able to push through. She is stocked with energizing treats and new socks for race day!

Sam will have support at the race from tons of family & friends. Some of the ALKrew will be there to cheer her on, as well as members of MMP! Make sure you donate to Sam’s fundraising efforts and help her reach her goal of $10,000! She is so close! GOOD LUCK, SAM!

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