ALKU is pleased to announce the promotion of Bryan Reilly to Recruiting Manager in the ALKU Government Solutions division. Bryan’s positive attitude and leadership skills make him a perfect fit for this role.

Bryan started in the Government division as a recruiter. Since starting, Bryan’s success has led him to hold division records in performance as well as allowing him to be on track to qualify for ALKU’s Founder’s Club trip for the second time this year. Bryan leads by example by working hard and having a positive attitude in everything he does.

In Bryan’s new role, he will lead a recruiting team. His responsibilities will include the training and development of new recruiters as well as continuing to develop recruiters on his team. Bryan will continue to run weekly Skills Review meetings and play a key role in interviewing and hiring of all new interns and full time hires.

“Bryan’s ability to excel while helping other employees succeed make Bryan a perfect fit for a recruiting manager role at ALKU.  His extreme patience and problem solving skills will allow him to develop a phenomenal recruiting team in the Government division.  Welcome to the ALKU leadership team Bryan and congratulations on your promotion!!” – Andrew Bull, Director

We know Bryan will be successful in his new role. Please join ALKU in congratulating Bryan Reilly as Recruiting Manager!

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