ALKU is pleased to announce the promotion of Dan Alberico to SAP Recruiting Manager. Dan has done a great job leading the recruiting charge for SAP for more than 5 years.

Dan has been a driving force in the culture within SAP and the company since the beginning. He experienced great success as a full time recruiter and therefore was promoted to Senior SAP Recruiter. Since that point, he has grown into a great mentor for incoming SAP recruiters. Dan is constantly motivating everyone around him to be excited about coming to work. His natural ability to lead others and push them to be the best they can be makes him more than deserving of the promotion to SAP Recruiting Manager.

We know Dan will be successful in his new role. Please join ALKU in congratulating Dan Alberico as SAP Recruiting Manager!

 “From the moment Dan walked in the door as an intern almost 6 years ago, he committed himself to working as hard as he possibly could to transform himself from a college kid who knew nothing about staffing into one of the best recruiters the company has ever had.  I am not sure if we have ever had someone that fully embraced and followed all of the advice and instructions that were put in front of them with the goal of becoming the absolute best he could be.  His enthusiasm is infectious and that enthusiasm along with his work ethic are only two of the reasons as to why this promotion is more than deserved.  Over Dan’s time with ALKU he has held a number of different roles from Intern, to Recruiter, to Accenture Recruiting Manager, and most recently Senior Recruiter.  With each role, I can say without a doubt Dan learned valuable lessons that will go a long way towards  making Dan the best SAP Recruiting Manager he possibly can be and because of this, those that will now depend on Dan for guidance and advice will be that much better for having received it.  Congrats Rico.  This has been a long time coming but now that it is here, I know you will be as successful in this role as you have been in all of the other roles you have held before this one.  The SAP group and the company itself can only benefit by having you as part of the leadership team!” – Nate O’Keeffe, Vice President

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