Becca has been with ALKU full time for two and a half years. It is no question that she is more than deserving of this promotion. Her strengths lie within being able to take the necessary initiative in order to go above and beyond what is expected of her.

Before coming full time, Becca ran ALKU’s first ever webinar as an intern.She was able to create a process that would continue to be used by the company even after she completed her internship. Since then, her contributions have supported overall company success in both the services and revenue worlds. Becca takes whatever is thrown her way and attacks it with the same amount excitement, willingness, and effort no matter what it is.

Becca’s consistent and contagious positivity day in and day out is what makes her a true team player in every sense of the phrase. In her new role, Becca will help develop, grow and support the marketing team and its personnel. She will continue to contribute to company culture, and the ways to which marketing supports its employees and business services. She will continue to develop leadership skills and in turn further develop those she manages.

“To be completely honest, Rebecca has been crushing it since the first week of her internship. Her internship: run ALKU’s first ever webinar and generate some new leads and new business from it. While you’re at it, create a process we can take and use when you go back to UConn. So what did Becca do? Exactly that and then some, with little direction (if I’m being honest). I was excited to have Becca start full time given the whole intern experience. What I never expected or understood fully was what this girl would be capable of. There are so many accomplishments Becca has achieved and played a part in. Becca is the type of person that even when she is grinding hard to keep up with a growing workload, she would actually take offense if you did not solicit/ask HER to be the one to take on a new project/help (and I know this because this has actually happened…).

Well Becc, thank you for believing me all those times I said, “just trust me”. Congratulations, much deserved and thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!!” – KC Cressinger, Marketing Manager

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