Mike is originally from Massachusetts and has been working at ALKU since September of 2012. Mike’s favorite part of his job is helping to make a difference in other people’s lives and giving them an opportunity to be part of this great company.  He loves connecting with everyone at the ALKU events and hearing their stories. He also loves being surrounded by the youth and exuberance in the office, he says it keeps him young. He also finds it very rewarding to hear what his co-workers have to say, whether it’s the Recruiting, Sales or the Operations teams knowing he had a hand in developing them.  He also loves seeing them grow and become resident experts at their job, makes it all worth getting up in the morning.

Mike’s ALKU-losophy is always take the high road no matter the short-term results going against you.  He believes that in today’s business society, there is so much “me” going on with very little moral compass.  He says you must stay on course with your core values of taking care of your people and they will take care of you. When Mike’s not at ALKU you can find him at his kid’s sports games or hanging out with his wife Diane. He says if he could only find a way to get her to like golf as much as he does, then that would be the best. Mike’s role model is also Diane. She’s is the rock of their family and is always there to provide the calm for all of them.

Mike’s dream destination would be Florence, Italy. He recently took a trip with the family where they rented an RV in Denver and drove around to all the national parks for 10 days. He said it was a blast and they had a great time. If Mike could eat any food for the rest of his life it would be Diane’s breaded chicken cutlets. Also, if you were to ask Mike what three things he would bring with him if he was stranded on a desert island he would say his family, Diane’s breaded chicken cutlets and his golf clubs. Kind of sounds like paradise for Mike!

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