ALKU is excited to honor Brian Hubbard, Pharmaceutical Recruiter, for Employee Honor Day! Brian has been working extremely hard, and has been going above and beyond to mentor interns while continuing to create success for himself as well as his team. Happy Employee Honor Day, Brian! The ALKrew appreciates all of your hard work!
“Happy Employee Honor Day! Hubs – Congrats! You have been doing such an incredible job at both an individual desk level and with the interns. I absolutely love that you have come out of your shell and are making a point to be “more personable”, I know we joke but it hasn’t gone unnoticed. You have played such an important part in the Pharma group and I am looking forward to continuing to watch you grow! Year of Hubs – Congrats again!” – Tarah Lovato
“Hubbard! Employee honor day! Love it! Pharma is lucky to have you around, and so are the interns working closely with you. You have been able to balance your time helping others, while still contributing heavily to the Pharma group. It has been a pleasure to have you here and watch your success and growth as an employee. Keep doing you. Enjoy this day!” – Dave Esteves

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