ALKU is pleased to announce the promotion of Aleksia Qirjazi to Operations Manager. Aleksia has a contagious positive attitude and is the ultimate team player.


Aleksia started at the front desk in February of 2016 and was given a ton of responsibility right off the bat.  When Dania joined the team, Aleksia trained her with ease and immediately took her under her wing as a teammate and friend.  She always has a full workload, but you would never know how busy she is because she is always smiling!  Aleksia has never said “no” to any task that has been thrown at her, and she handles everything with ease. She has great relationships with everyone at ALKU and is a pleasure to work with.


Whether she’s cheering for internal recruiting, or dancing along to a Ryan Rudich deal song, she’s always celebrating everyone else’s successes! In her new role, Aleksia will oversee and manage the operations department and its personnel, continue to manage vendors, and strategize on how ALKU can improve efficiency.


We know Aleksia will be successful in her new role! Please join ALKU in congratulating Aleksia as Operations Manager!

“Leadership is this crazy world of learning everything you possibly can, and then giving it to someone else to run with while you move on to learning the next thing. Being Aleksia’s manager has been even crazier, because for everything I’ve learned, she’s learned 5 more things. Sorta makes that whole cycle tough to keep up with! With that being said, there’s clearly no better person to take on the role of Operations Manager! Aleksia is a natural mentor to everyone she works with because she is so kind, understanding, and wise beyond her years. She’s someone you can count on, laugh with, and above all – trust. ALKU’s leadership team is getting a good one and the future of ALKU Ops is in great hands. I am so proud of you, Aleksia.” – Emily Crocker

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