ALKU is pleased to announce the promotion of Matt Ovanes to President of Expansion and Development!

Throughout his time at ALKU, Matt has helped to establish every division the company has. He has developed an organization that was built from the ground up and supplied strategic direction and guidance since the day he started.

His new role will allow us to continue to grow the company, but to support the growth in a structured and organized way.  Matt will have total responsibility for exploring and identifying new markets, geographies and opportunities for the company.  In addition, he will work closely with Divisional Leadership to identify those individuals who may be ready for the next opportunity and ensure that each worthy individual receives his or her chance to help the company grow.

Matt will also help to drive strategic account penetration for all of ALKU as we continue to grow and have more to offer each client.

We know Matt will be successful in his new role! Congratulations, Matt!

“I am excited that a long-term member of the company and an Executive at that can continue to grow and be challenged as the needs of the company continue to escalate.” – Mark Eldridge

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