ALKU and its management team are excited to announce the promotion of Chris Drake to Senior Account Manager. Chris has been a driving force within the Oracle division since he started in May of 2016. Throughout his two years at ALKU, Chris has proven to be an invaluable member of the Oracle division and ALKU as a whole. He always strives to be the best Account Manager that he can be all while being an impeccable role model and leader.

Chris has demonstrated to be one of the most impactful Account Managers in the Oracle division. Throughout its rebrand, he recognized where in the market there were places to tap into and his contributions have been critical in getting the division to where it is today. Even when Chris excels at his job, he continues to put in the work and strives to be better.  He is the perfect example of someone who follows the ALKU process. He never looks for a shortcut or cuts any corners to his success. On top of his success, Chris leads by example by making the group work harder and bringing a positive attitude to the team.

In his new role, Chris will play a part in the strategic development of the group. He will continue to set the pace and lead the way to show others how his job should be done in order to be successful. Chris will also be a mentor and teacher to other people in the Oracle division along with assisting in training.

“The impact that Drake has had on the then PeopleSoft, now Oracle group, in just over two years has been incredible. From day one, Chris has been trying to get better and be the best Account Manager that he can be. Whether it is spending time to try to learn more about Oracle/Kronos marketplace or helping any of the other Account Managers when they have a question or issue, Drake has always given his all to the better of the group. Even when he was becoming immensely successful, Chris never held any sense of entitlement and continued to put in the work that got him to where he is today. Drake is everything you look for in a Senior Account Manager at ALKU.  He is someone who understands and follows ALKU’s process without cutting any corners, he continues to work hard and is never satisfied, and his day to day attitude/personality is great for the morale of the group. When Drake started, the PeopleSoft group was in a completely different place than it is now, and I can confidently say that without his hard work and dedication, the success of the group would have never happened. Congrats on the promotion Drake, I can’t wait to see what you do in this new role.” – Nick Vignone

Please join ALKU in congratulating Chris Drake in his new role as Senior Account Manager!

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