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Paige Seavey

Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator

ALKU’s 1st Annual UMass Amherst Isenberg’s Sales Club Competition

Andover, MA– This past Friday ALKU hosted the 1st annual UMass Amherst Isenberg Sales Club Competition at their Amherst office location. ALKU took it’s partnership with the UMass campus, career services and clubs a step further this year by hosting the Isenberg Sales Club Competition. ALKU’s involvement with the UMass campus has continued to grow since their UMass office opening back in early 2017.

The purpose of the Sales Club partnership is to act as a resource to UMass Isenberg students to provide insight into the sales world. This also allows students who have an interest in pursuing an internship or career at ALKU to meet full time employees and learn more about the company. ALKU’s summer and winter internship programs are viewed as a long-term interview enabling students to dive into their full-time careers while still in college. Students are given the ability to make money, develop professionally, and work alongside motivated, like-minded peers. In addition, interns are provided with a mentor to help develop their professional as well as personal goals.

“What a day we had! From my perspective, it’s so fulfilling to watch the student competitors and my coworkers enthusiastically engage with each other,” said Marissa Gomes, ALKU Internal Recruiting Manager. “The student competitors were able to both show off and receive feedback on their technical and non-technical sales skills from those at ALKU that are in leadership and mentorship positions. It was such a fun day – filled with healthy nerves, laughter, applause, and pizza-courage. I believe I can speak on behalf of everyone involved in today’s competition when I say that this should be an annual collaboration!”

“It was an amazing event, and I think I speak for the rest of the Isenberg Sales Club when I say that we could not be more grateful to ALKU for all of their hard work and the effort they put into hosting this event with us,” said Elias Os, President, Isenberg Sales Club UMass Amherst. “All of the participants did exceptionally well, and their success here today really shows the value of working hard to improve your sales skills. With an exceptional culture like the one ALKU has, it seems to me that it is a great place to start a career.”

The Sale’s Competition consisted of 16 eager UMass student competitors and 6 ALKU employees that played roles as either a buyer or judge. The event kicked off at 11am and competitors participated in 3 rounds where they discussed a case study written by Dave Bruner, Vice President of Business Development. Evan LaMontagne took first place winning an Apple Watch. For the students that were not currently competing, ALKU provided resume reviews and interviewing tips. A Happy Hour occurred after the competition ended at The Hanger in Amherst for students to networks and celebrate.

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