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ALKU Government Solutions believes that hiring exceptional individuals is crucial to meeting our customers’ missions. We also know that we must work hard to meet your expectations. At ALKU, your satisfaction and career development are our top priorities.

Why partner with us?

  • Become part of an elite team. Your specialized training and high-end customer domain experience make you one of a handful of top intelligence and engineering professionals. Not everyone can do what you do. At ALKU, you’ll work with other members of this closely-knit group and be able to make a difference. We pride ourselves on working as a team, supporting each member’s drive to excel.
  • Take your exceptional career to the next level. We provide the technical and consultative training you need to advance in your career as you move from project to project. Highly trained Recruiters not only match your skills to the best opportunities available; they provide the advice and opportunities you need to fulfill your goals.

ALKU can Handle Your Specific Capabilities

ALKU Government Solutions boasts over twenty years experience in the intelligence, energy and defense communities. Each potential new employee we’ve worked with comes to us with different, highly specific capabilities. Our understanding of what each one offers, combined with our extensive and diverse network of clients, allows us to provide career growth oriented and exceptional opportunities.

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