Kathie Boles

Vice President of Finance and Strategy/Founder

Kathie has more than 15 years of experience within the finance and accounting realm. In addition, she has a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Isenberg School of Management. Prior to joining ALKU, Kathie worked as an accountant for several Boston based companies and had responsibility for varying financial operations. This experience has made her the perfect fit as the Vice President of Finance and Strategy at ALKU. As the VP of Finance and Strategy, Kathie manages all financial facets of the organization, as well as Treasury and Risk Management. Kathie’s responsibilities include setting strategic direction and creating corporate governance that establish policies, tactical guidelines, as well as operational processes.

Kathie believes that every employee should have a voice in the company. She strives to ensure that each employee’s opinions and input are valued and that everyone feels they are a significant part of the success at ALKU.

How do you “Have Fun Working Hard?”
I Have Fun Working Hard in all sorts of ways, but I particularly have fun seeing what Mark is ordering for lunch each day. This place would never be the same without the TUSCAN CHICKEN!

Outside of ALKU:
In her downtime, Kathie enjoys playing guitar, working out, and spending time with her family.