I am very impressed with the ALKU, from their communication to the way they treat their employees.

Regulatory & Scientific

My personal experience with the ALKU staff has always been positive and professional. Any time I needed to reach out to them they were very responsive. I’m also contacted on a regular basis to see how my work assignment is going and if there is anything ALKU can do to assist me. Good company with great staff and I highly recommend them to others.


Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology 

ALKU is a company of professionals who know their jobs and treat people with honesty.


ALKU personnel are the sharpest and most responsive of any I have ever worked with. Working hard and going above and beyond for both the client and the consultant to make a positive working relationship happen. Truly unprecedented. I have been in the Medical Device industry for over 25 years and remain pleasantly surprised with how well the staff at ALKU performs. Always grateful for ALKU.

Medical Device

ALKU is a top-notch company to work for. The staff bends over backwards to answer any questions other staff might have, either right then or immediately after getting the correct response from management. I am happy to be working for ALKU.