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2023 Kick Off: Dig In

January 27, 2023


Yesterday, ALKU hosted its 2023 Hybrid Kick Off! ALKU prioritizes hosting a companywide meeting at the beginning of each year to set the tone for the new year, announce the theme, and recap highlights from the prior year. This year’s theme is Dig In!  

The Kick Off was hosted by President, Andrew Bull, Senior Vice President, Jon Kujala, Vice President of Sales Strategy, James Cassin-Reed, Vice President, Leah Bourdon, Director of Enterprise & Strategic Technology, Aleksia Qirjazi, and DE&I Coordinator, Mezz Edozie!  

ALKU looks forward to keeping this year’s theme of Dig In top of mind and striving to exceed the goals set for the company, divisions, and teams. Jon Kujala ended the company-wide meeting with a powerful message to the ALKrew, “If you haven’t seen the results yet, keep trusting the process. This is your year.” 

Stay tuned to hear more about how ALKU Digs In this year!