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Lauren Gibney Promoted to Executive Support Manager

March 13, 2023


Lauren started her ALKU career as the first Executive Assistant and has built the department from the ground up in only two years. She has made herself and her team irreplicable in every aspect. Members of the ALKrew from every pillar rely on her team’s efficiency and expertise to get through each day.   

Lauren has built out endless processes and maintained organization since the start of her ALKU career. Additionally, she has successfully trained two Executive Support team members. She has also planned and executed multiple successful ALKU Founder’s Club trips year after year. Lastly, in 2022 Lauren was one of the main presenters at the Annual Meeting for the Corporate team.  

In her new role, Lauren will oversee the members and initiatives of the Executive Support Team. She will ensure that ALKU’s Executive team is properly supported, keeping all meetings and schedules organized and communication with them seamless. She will also continue to manage our travel initiatives within the company and maintain our relationship with ALKU’s travel vendors.  

Congratulations, Lauren! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“Boss lady LG! I am so excited to finally promote you to the much-deserved manager title. I think pretty much everyone at the company knows how great you are at your job, but they might not see your overwhelming dedication and passion for people management. You always go the extra mile to ensure your team is equipped to handle any ALKU situation, on top of going above and beyond to make personal connections. There is such a big population of ALKU who would be absolutely lost without you, including myself. I can’t wait to see where you take the EST world. This is so extremely deserved. Sushi on me soon, congrats!” – Jenn Riedl  

ALKU is really good at hiring people that care.  Lauren is an excellent example of this.  Lauren wants to do the best job possible on every task she undertakes. She also cares about her co-workers.  Lauren’s ability to treat everyone with respect and a positive attitude are the first traits I noticed about her.  I’m fortunate in that I get to work closely with Lauren.  Her focus on detail, cheerful disposition, tenacity, and smartness improve everyone around her.  We are all lucky to have her, and this position is very well-deserved.” – Mark Eldridge 

LAUREN! Congratulations on your promotion to Executive Support Manager! I can’t believe you have only been working here for a little over two years because I constantly ask myself, “what would we do without LG”. From the moment you started, it was clear that you would have an incredible career here. I sometimes think you can read people’s minds because you are always one step ahead. You anticipate what needs to come next and are there to assist us in getting there. Your positive outlook and can-do attitude are infectious – there’s always a smile on your face! Over the past few years, you have taken one role and grown it into a growing team. You have worked hard, taken on different opportunities, and made ALKU better every step of the way. This promotion couldn’t be more deserving! I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see what else you accomplish in your career here! Congratulations, girlie! – Becca Crossley