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Adam DeGregorio Promoted to Senior Manager, Training Center

February 15, 2024


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Since joining ALKU’s Training Centers Team, Adam has been integral in growing, improving, and enhancing ALKU’s Internship Program. In 2016, Adam started his ALKU career as an SAP Recruiter, where he built an impressive book of business. Four years ago, he took a chance and uprooted his life to move out to Western Mass and take over running and managing ALKU’s Amherst Training Center. Since Adam joined the Amherst team, year after year, the Training Center has launched multiple Interns who have come in and hit the ground running while consistently leading ALKU Training Centers in spread per week and closing the most deals in 2023. After replacing himself in Amherst, Adam returned to ALKU’s Andover Headquarters to help run and manage a new up-and-coming Andover Training Center. Thanks to his drive and wisdom, the TC has launched countless Interns into ALKU’s workforce. Making an impact everywhere he goes, Adam has been a crucial part of many aspects of ALKU’s growth, culture, and leadership initiatives; he never backs down from a challenge and is the first person to offer support.

Outside his role, Adam is always more than willing to step up and represent ALKU in VTO opportunities and fundraising events. Someone who is always Having Fun Working Hard, he is constantly seen with a smile on his face, creating and investing in multiple relationships with employees all over the organization. Passionate about ALKU’s DE&I initiatives, Adam is a leader of ALKU’s State of Mind Employee Resource Group and a member of our ALKU Veterans Employee Resource Group. In his new role, Adam will oversee both our Andover and Amherst Training Centers. He will help run and train ALKU’s future leaders in the Summer Mentor Program while being the go-to person for anything regarding our physical Training Centers. Congratulations, Adam! We are so excited to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Congratulations to the one and only, Adam’ Hey Andrewwwww’ DeGregorio. Adam is one of the most tenured people on the Training Center team and has been with me since the beginning. When Adam took over for me in Amherst, I knew he had great potential and could really make an impact on ALKU. Four years later, after launching dozens of top-tier Interns and making the organization thousands of dollars in Intern spread, Adam is back in Andover, overseeing not just the Amherst office but now the Andover TC. Adam has done an incredible job replicating himself and producing three up-and-coming managers.

Adam has a calm, cool, and collected demeanor and never lets emotion cloud his judgment in any situation. Every member of the TC team knows they can go to Adam for anything at any time, and he will always be willing to help provide an answer or solution. I know for a fact that the TC team would not be where it is today without Adam’s hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice. Congratulations, Adam – I am very happy and proud of you, and I can’t wait to see how far you help the TC team climb!” – Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan

“Congrats, Adam! You have come a long way from desk-level recruiting in SAP. Being a Training Center Manager is an investment in yourself and your future. It takes time, a lot of effort, and sacrifice – and you have taken the opportunity and ran with it. You are a steady and reliable leader, and I am looking forward to watching Andover and Amherst continue to grow and evolve under your guidance. I know you will take the best care of them – just like you did the plastic plants in Amherst. Big congrats to you!” – Vice President, Talent, Leah Bourdon

“I love this promotion for Adam!!! Since he joined ALKU and was put on the SAP team, it has been very clear he has a long future here. He clearly understood the big picture, always brought a calm but confident attitude to every situation, and was willing to take risks to get where he wanted to go!! Fast forward, and he has been in the training world for almost five years, helping develop TCs and TC Managers!!! This is very well deserved, and the future is bright for Adam!!!!” – Recruiting Director, Business Applications, Dan Alberico