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Adam Johnson Promoted to Cerner Recruiting Manager

January 31, 2023


Adam has gone above and beyond with his dedication to his job since his first day in June 2020. He is constantly striving for ways to grow and improve while looking for feedback to implement immediately to increase his success further. He continuously led from the front and earned the right to oversee the Cerner group to lead them to continued success in the future.   

Adam has a strong career history and has accomplished countless performance tasks at an exceptionally high level. In addition, he held an incredibly successful career in 2022. Lastly, he mentored a new hire to extraordinary heights in less than six months.   

Adam consistently builds a positive and team-oriented environment for the entire group. He is always the first to congratulate someone in the office when an achievement occurs, no matter how big or small. On the other hand, he prioritizes picking his team up if anything negative happens.   

In his new role, he will drive the Cerner division business to help elevate the group to new heights and success.  

Congratulations, Adam! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“Adam Johnson, the metrics monster, is now a Recruiting Manager!  Outside of the horrific shoes you used to wear to work (ask him about them, and he’ll tell you they still look fantastic) – your career over the past few years has been ELITE.  Adam is the epitome of leading by example and doing everything by the book.  Since he started, he has followed the process, bought into the ALKU way, and absolutely GRINDED his way to this promotion.  The late nights, all of the firefighting and babysitting (it’s just staffing, right?) we’ve had to do over the years – THIS is what you’ve been working towards.  If there is one thing everyone knows about Adam – he wants to get better every day.  He constantly asks for feedback and more responsibility and wants to do everything he can to succeed and see those around him grow personally.  I know you’re working so hard, and I couldn’t be more enamored with your accomplishments – with a million more to go.   I’m unbelievably excited to see you and Carolyn continue to drive business for the Cerner squad – you two are going to take this thing to another level!” -Ryan Brennan  

“From door-to-door Pest Control Sales to recruiting extraordinaire! I can honestly say I knew right after interviewing Adam that he would have what it took to be great at this job, and he most certainly has NOT disappointed! It’s almost like he was shot out of a cannon when he first started, quickly ramped up, and never really looked back.   

There are a couple of things I have always admired about Adam. First, he has an incredible drive and a consistently strong work ethic. He has stuck to the process and crushed goals throughout his career, and his personal performance has followed. Secondly, Adam is always open to hearing feedback and asking how to improve. You ask him to do something, ask him to try something new, ask him to follow up on something, and it’s done, and it’s done well.   

Seeing how Adam has responded to more responsibility and taking interns and other full-time employees under his wing has been excellent. Many of his attributes and what has made him successful. He is doing precisely what he should be doing, which is teaching others to do the same, which has caused the Cerner division to continue to grow, knowing the Division has a strong leader to lean on and trust.   

Congrats, Adam! All your hard work, dedication, and determination have paid off. Very well deserved to now a Cerner Recruiting Manager!” -Tim Lysaught  

“CONGRATS, AJ! This is a long time coming, my friend! Since you started in Cerner, you have been the true example on our team of someone who has kept their head down, grinded through long days and nights, and always strives to be the BEST! You have managed to stay humble and give credit to others through all your accomplishments. You have proven to be one of the strongest recruiters we have ever had in Cerner, and I am beyond excited to see you transition into the role of Cerner Recruiting Manager! Accepting mediocrity is not in your DNA, so I can only IMAGINE the new heights you will lead the Cerner recruiters to! I am beyond happy for you & this next step in your ALKU journey!” -Rachel Farmer