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Alex Cook Promoted to Recruiting Manager, Medical Device S&T

May 04, 2023


Alex is one of the hardest-working and most dedicated employees. Since day one, he quickly separated himself as someone who was determined to do great things at ALKU. He constantly lists those around him and continues to be an excellent role model for those around him. He sets the tone and always shows others the Have Fun Working Hard® culture.  

Throughout Alex’s career, he was able to get a start-up division to exceptional heights. He was instrumental in figuring out the skillsets that make up the Med ST division. Additionally, he has helped his employees reach new goals throughout his Roadmap while continuing to lead from the front. 

Alex was an instrumental part of his first team, Med TE, and was given the opportunity to start his own division early into his career. Alex has mentored Interns and full-time employees and continues to partner with ALKU’s Training Centers. He consistently motivates his team and keeps his team upbeat and accountable.  

In his new role, Alex will be responsible for the continued growth of the Medical Device ST Recruiting Team. He will continue to help the Med ST group reach new milestones and work alongside the Medical Device Management team to help grow the brand. 

Congratulations, Alex! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“ALEX! The day is finally here, and somehow, I am at a loss for words! This is a promotion announcement that I think will shock a lot of people, NOT because it’s not incredibly well deserved but because I can confidently say most people reading this will say, “Wasn’t Alex already the Med-ST Recruiting Manager?” Since the day you were given the opportunity to start your OWN DIVISION, you have poured your heart, soul, and staffing skills into the division that has become Med-ST. You left behind what you had known to navigate a new market and enter the land of the unknown, and you did it with the biggest smile on your face every single day. One of the things I admire most about you is your positivity and ability to come to work and lift those around you up. 2.5 years later, I am still asking myself, “Has Alex ever had a bad day?” because that is how positive and uplifting you are. While watching you get this group off the ground was great…. the really amazing part of your journey has been watching you grow a team of your very own. You are the definition of “leading from the front,” and the dedication you have for your employees and the group is unmatched. You’re passionate, caring, and devoted & I know that the entire Med-ST team admires you. Congratulations Alex, this promotion is beyond well deserved.” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device, Lauren Morse 

“Where to begin with this guy. Alex Cook has been, and remains to be, one of those employees that will do anything to succeed. He is hands down one of the most dedicated and hardest-working human beings I have ever encountered, not just at ALKU but in life itself. His work ethic is unmatched, and he embodies what it means to set an example for your team and your employees. Alex is loved by his counterparts and teammates for his work ethic and all of his success – but even more so because of the respect he gives to each and every person he interacts with. If you were to have a photo of Alex Cook without a smile on his face, it would likely be worth something – because it almost never happens. He truly is a positive, empathetic, encouraging, glass-half-full-thinking, accountable, dependable, salt-of-the-earth-esque kind of guy – and the Med-ST team is lucky to have him. In a job and industry where failure is part of the everyday, Alex makes every day about everything but comes up short. Cheers to his promotion and to many years of success, Way to be AC!” – Senior Sales Manager, Medical Device, Zach Canto 

“When I think of Alex Cook, instantly, the first word that comes to mind is dedicated. For some, dedication is shown through words of affirmation or acts of kindness. For Alex, it’s the ability to consistently show an exceedingly strong level of devotion through simply his work ethic. He never shies away from the work, no matter how strenuous. In fact, we’ve had to remind Alex that the work does, in fact, sleep and things past 10 PM can probably wait……yet he continues to lead from the front every day. How lucky are we to have someone like this teaching and managing others? I’m proud to have Alex a part of our leadership team for so many reasons, but more than anything, it is his loyalty that betters the rest of us.  

Alex, never change. You do such a great job of focusing on the positives, and it inspires your fellow colleagues and employees. Thank you for taking a leap of faith in November 2021, believing in ST, and believing in yourself. I normally would say, “I don’t think Med ST knows how lucky they are,” but I think they do. I see the smiles you put on their faces and how much they appreciate you. Med ST has a long successful road ahead and wouldn’t be the same without you. Congratulations on becoming the OFFICIAL MED ST RECRUITING MANAGER! So incredibly well deserved and a long time coming.” – Senior Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Patty Blanchard