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Alex Parenteau Promoted to Director, Medical Device Recruiting

January 11, 2024


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Though his tenure is just about six years, Alex is still described as one of the most accountable people at ALKU. He started his ALKU career in 2018 as an Account Manager before quickly shifting to Recruiting to find better success and hit his stride. Alex is someone who dives headfirst into his work and refuses to take no for an answer. Known for his consistency, he has been a massive asset to the growth and development of ALKU’s Medical Device Recruiting teams across the entire brand. A dedicated leader and team player, Alex has spent countless hours ensuring all his Recruiters get the attention they need to succeed. His urgency, problem-solving skills, and creativity are impossible to ignore. If you ask any employee at ALKU for an example of a true role model, the name Alex Parenteau will inevitably be heard.

Alex is one of, if not the most, dedicated community contributors at ALKU. In December 2023, Alex became the first recipient of ALKU’s Community Champion Award, where he was honored for his incredible giving-back efforts that have strengthened ALKU as a whole and inspired the company to strengthen its relationship with the local community. Whether riding twenty-five miles in the Rodman Ride for Kids for Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) or running in the Falmouth Road Race for Special Olympics, Alex consistently does everything he can to participate, fundraise, and make his impact known to those around him. Outside of his role, he is also the newest Executive Sponsor of ALKU’s State of Mind Employee Resource Group, where he aids and assists in fostering supportive mental health connections and providing a safe space for employees in the office.

In Alex’s new role as Director of Medical Device Recruiting, he will oversee the growth and direction of the Medical Device brand. He is responsible for developing new leaders while driving Revenue growth and identifying new opportunities and strategic decisions for the brand moving forward. Congratulations, Alex! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Alex, as always, you continue to wow me. Your ceiling keeps getting higher. The work ethic you STILL bring each and every day is second to none. I hope you never forget how big of a role model you are and how valued you are- by SO many people – including me. The past year, you have somehow managed to grow yourself even more, and really build yourself into that Director title that you very well deserve. You understand what the business needs, and what your people need. You are not afraid to make decisions that may be met with resistance. You push yourself and the people around you. You are modeling yourself into an excellent level 5 leader and are such a great addition to the director group. You make my job easy and hard. Easy in that you are so self-motivated, I know you’ll never lose that spark. Hard in that I must ask myself how I can improve such a strong leader. I’ve loved every promotion for you, but this one is extra special. Congratulations on all your success, I’m so stinking proud of you, Med wouldn’t be the same without you.” – Senior Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Patty Phillips

“The big dog, AP! AP was destined for greatness here at ALKU, since the very day he started, he was a full-package kind of guy. Urgent, energetic, optimistic, talented… everything we look for in a leader here at ALKU. Alex becoming a Director not only is overdue, but a lot of us have known this is where he belonged a long time ago. When you sit down with someone in Med Device and ask them who they aspire to be like in Med Device Leadership, repeatedly, you hear the words “AP!” He has seamlessly run one of the largest divisions at ALKU, all while supporting the RegSci split and developing leaders underneath him. AP is as reliable as it gets… the passion he has for ALKU is unequivocal, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone else at the company that cares the way Alex does. The best part is that this is only the beginning for AP. I am honored to be able to write some kind words and to be able to work alongside AP. Med device recruiting will continue to grow under his guidance and leadership. Congrats, AP!” – Senior Sales Director, Medical Device, Bob Cordaro

“Alex, my rock, this quote is long overdue (thank you, Patty!). You exemplify true leadership, actively closing deals in Med while also cultivating exceptional leaders underneath you. You consistently arrive first and leave last, and even after all this time, you dedicate yourself completely to our team, our brand, and our company day after day. You are a valuable ally to both the Corporate and Talent pillars, and even with your demanding schedule, you still find time to give back to our community. Since stepping into a Leadership position, you have successfully expanded divisions beyond our expectations, achieving milestones that we once believed were unattainable. Your leadership serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to step into similar roles. I am so proud to have worked alongside you all these years, you have challenged me to be a better person and leader. Thank you for all that you do!! Med to the moon!!! Congrats, AP!” – Sales Director, Medical Device, Kristina Kent