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Alex Romano Promoted to Kronos Sales Manager

November 30, 2022


Alex started his ALKU career in June 2020 and is described as one of the most selfless, dedicated, hardworking, coachable, and capable individuals at ALKU. Throughout his career, he has overcome adversity as an Account Manager and passed on all he has learned to the four individuals he mentors. He has been leading Kronos with ease, and his team looks up to him and trusts him.   

Alex has hit both personal goals as well as group goals. Additionally, he has made Founder’s Club while mentoring and developing new hires. Since Alex became a leader in the group, Kronos has seen exponential growth and success.  

Outside Alex’s day-to-day role, he is a member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, State of Mind. He has represented ALKU in receiving awards and represents ALKU at career fairs yearly. Alex embodies ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture and constantly brings new ideas and contests to the team to keep ALKU’s culture top of mind.  

In his new role, Alex will oversee the Kronos Account Managers and be responsible for the overall growth and strategy of the Kronos division.   

Congratulations Alex! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“ALEX ROMANO! I’m so proud and excited about writing this. Alex is a name everyone’s known from the day he walked through the doors as an intern at Bryant. Since that day, Alex has had an unwavering desire to be successful. He overcame a lot, including starting in a group that no longer exists and being so nervous on the phone that he’d trip over his words. Through everything, he came in daily, led by example, and reminded everyone daily that he’s from North Andover (not Andover) and doesn’t like cheese. Over just the past six months, Alex has made Founders Club, all while mentoring four employees, including two new hires.  

More impressively, Alex never takes credit, even when credit is due. He is one of the biggest reasons Kronos’ culture is what it is today and a driving force behind the group’s growth. He comes up with and implements processes that improve the team and has never asked someone to do something he hasn’t done himself. He gets down in the weeds with his people, and when the team needs a win, he’s the one that provides it. The Kronos team would describe Alex as someone who shows up daily with a positive attitude; he’s unbelievably calm under pressure and cares more than anyone. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is coachable, dependable, hardworking, selfless, and capable. The list goes on….. Across ERP, he is a staple that is always willing to lend a hand.   

Alex – I’m so proud of you that this might’ve even brought tears to my eyes. Kronos is in the absolute best hands, and I can’t wait to see what is ahead for you. From your intern mentor to manager and friend…. Congrats Alex, KRONOS SALES MANAGER!” -Bri Maher  

Congratulations, Alex, on this promotion! I am so excited for you to be the Kronos Sales Manager officially! I love Alex Romano’s story. He started as an intern in 2020, was drafted into a startup, moved into Kronos at the end of 2020, and is now Kronos Sales Manager. Alex has worn many different hats while at ALKU, grinded it out, and worked his butt off to get to where he is. In November 2022, he has already made Founders Club and significantly grew Kronos! Alex is someone who has always been heads down, hard-working, led by example & trusted the process. While he may not be great at axe throwing, he is great at staffing! Congrats, Alex, on this promotion, and I cannot wait to see the heights you & Connor take the Kronos team to!” -Erin McCormick  

“Alex! Congratulations on your promotion to Kronos Sales Manager! I couldn’t be more excited for you! Since your first day at ALKU, you have put your trust in the process and never settled when you saw success. You are constantly working to improve yourself, and I truly admire your dedication to your people. It is no secret that the Kronos group wouldn’t be where we are today without you! Your path since starting at ALKU is undoubtedly one to be celebrated! From your intern days with Oracle, joining Service Now as a new start-up division, and then taking a leap of faith to join Kronos, you have succeeded in every position you’ve been in. You and Connor have established a unique family culture in Kronos, and I have been lucky enough to be a part of it.  

Since getting your roadmap, you have achieved personal success, contributed to the group’s success, helped develop new Account Managers, and developed new processes to push Kronos to the next level. I can’t wait to see everything you accomplish in the future. Congratulations! I know you’ll be celebrating at the Pilates studio down the street!” -Lisa Liberty