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Alexandria Reyno Promoted to Recruiting Manager, Oracle

August 02, 2023


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In April 2019, Alex joined ALKU as a Recruiter and demonstrated an exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, and a drive to succeed. After transitioning to Oracle Cloud, Alex made an immediate impact, contributing significantly to the group’s overall success. She has also mentored other Recruiters in the ALKU process, helping them improve daily.

People who have worked with Alex often praise her as a motivator who inspires them to perform at their best every day. Thanks to her guidance, many Account Managers have gone on to become Training Center Managers, Sales Managers, and Futures members. Alex is also a crucial figure in holding other Recruiters accountable, setting a positive example for both metrics and attitude. As a leader, Alex recognizes that challenges and successes are both temporary, and she encourages her team to work hard consistently to drive business growth. She remains to provide high energy, enthusiasm, and a fun-loving mentality every day.

Alex is a dedicated employee who goes above and beyond her regular duties. She is actively involved in College Relationship Development events and is a proud member of ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), ALKU’s Employee Resource Group (ERG). In 2022, Alex even temporarily relocated to ALKU’s Charlotte office to mentor several Interns. Furthermore, she played a vital role in organizing ALKU’s Rodman Ride Golf Tournament in both 2022 and 2023. Alex also serves as a Business Technology Ambassador.

Congratulations, Alex, on her new role as the Oracle Recruiting Manager! She will be responsible for training and developing current and new Recruiters in the Oracle division, as well as providing valuable input on strategic decisions within the ALKU Oracle division. We look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes in this position.

“Alex’s ALKU journey started four years ago as a Recruiter in a division that no longer exists. Over the course of the past four years, Alex has shown up every day trusting the process and controlling what she can control, regardless of the outcome or market trends. After a year of hitting 12 & 9, her world turned once again, changing groups to Oracle Cloud. Alex met this new market head-on; she immediately became a go-to Recruiter in Oracle Consulting – driving business and curating unique relationships with high-level consultants that drove Oracle to where it is today. Along the way, Alex has helped mold multiple successful Account Managers that are now Training Center Managers, Sales Managers, and Futures members. She has been an essential piece of Oracle’s growth by holding other Recruiters accountable and leading by example in metrics and attitude. Alex is one of those rare individuals who excel in a busier environment and yet somehow never appears to be stressed, which made her the perfect person to relocate to Charlotte last summer to support our Intern hiring goals. While on her roadmap, Alex doubled her personal success while developing Recruiters that are bought into the ALKU process and improving themselves every day. Individuals who get the opportunity to work with Alex will often describe her as someone who motivates them to bring the best version of themselves into work every day. Her team has described Alex as someone whose presence makes the group stronger, who has an infectiously positive personality, and who is dedicated, reliable, consistent, and selfless.

Alex – you should be very proud of yourself. You consistently impress me with your tenacity to succeed. I feel so grateful to have you on my team, and I cannot thank you enough for trusting me and the process. This is truly just the beginning of your leadership journey, and it’s already shaping up to be one impressive story! Let’s go, ALEX, ORACLE RECRUITING MANAGER! Congratulations x a million!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Oracle & Infor, Liz Barker

“Reynooo! Let’s go! From day one, Alex has put in the WORK. Grinding for over a year in a startup and essentially starting from scratch when she switched groups to support Oracle Cloud. Since that switch, Alex has been such a massive part of Oracle’s story and growth. She leads by example, buys into everything that she is a part of, and consistently knows how to move forward. Alex has always been someone who “gets it”. She gets what it takes to find success at ALKU. She gets that it’s not always easy. She gets the opportunity that sits in front of everyone on her team, including herself. She gets how to sacrifice. She gets how to get the most out of herself and those around her. And now, she gets her well-earned promotion to Oracle Cloud Recruiting Manager. Congratulations AL! Dinner on Craig! ” – Recruiting Director, Enterprise Solutions, John Bull

“REYNO! I am so incredibly happy for you! We have come a long way from our Peoplesoft/ServiceNow days, and I wouldn’t want to be partnering with anyone else at ALKU to take the NWO to the moon! I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for our group and me personally in my growth as an Account Manager and leader! Your energy, enthusiasm, and fun-loving mentality are contagious. Somehow you keep me young! I couldn’t be more excited to work with you for years to come! McDonald’s is on me this week! ” – Sales Manager, Oracle Cloud, Sam Huston