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ALKU Celebrates National Mentoring Month!

February 01, 2022


January is the special time of year known as National Mentoring Month! National Mentoring Month is the largest-scale mentoring campaign nationwide, working to bring attention to the understanding and importance of youth mentoring. ALKU takes pride in celebrating their mentors not only in January but year-round! Mentorship is an important part of ALKU’s company culture both internally and externally. Internally, everyone in the ALKrew has a mentor! From interns to executives, mentors are an essential part of ALKU’s culture and growth. Externally, ALKU partners with Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP), Community Youth Empowerment (CYE), BEST Kids, and more!

To celebrate and highlight National Mentoring Month, ALKU utilized social media and their internal communication platform. For the entire month of January, ALKU showcased different internal mentors weekly with videos, photos, and empowering words! This was a fantastic way for the ALKrew to show appreciation and the importance of mentorship within the workplace!

ALKU emphasized volunteering and giving back during January! The ALKrew volunteered at the Celtics 50/50 raffle, selling raffle tickets to benefit Mass Mentoring Partnership. The ALKrew also supported two employees, Kayla Regan and Pat Bolton, who will be running in the 2022 Boston Marathon in support of Mass Mentoring Partnership. Kayla and Pat both have individual fundraising goals of $15,000 in support of MMP. The ALKrew can’t wait until next January!