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ALKU Establishes Third Business Pillar with Creation of Talent Team

August 29, 2021


Posted July 28, 2021
For Immediate Release:
Morgan Fay

Senior Communications Coordinator

ALKU Establishes Third Business Pillar with Creation of Talent Team

ANDOVER, MA: ALKU, an industry-ranking staffing firm, has established a third pillar to its business; a specialized Talent team. This Talent pillar joins ALKU’s Revenue and Corporate pillars, bringing ALKU into its next phase of exponential growth.

Founded in 2008, ALKU has operated with a revenue-producing sales team supported by an industry-leading corporate support team. In 2021, ALKU’s burgeoning Talent team officially split from the Corporate umbrella to create the third pillar of business.

The Talent pillar houses ALKU’s Talent Acquisition team comprised of Internal Recruiting and College Relationship Development, as well as the Talent Development team, and Training Center team. Each team plays a specific and crucial role in ALKU’s internal growth and personnel development.

“Recognizing Talent as its own unique pillar is an important step in ALKU’s growth. This distinction allows us to create, diversify and build on programs for hiring, training, and growing employees at all levels,” Leah Bourdon, Vice President of Talent.

With Talent as its own pillar, the growth opportunities for internal employees have grown exponentially. The Talent Development team is devoted to coaching and mentoring current employees and future leaders to really define and perfect their sales and business skills. The Training Center team houses ALKU’s robust internship program, helping to kickstart the careers of future full-time employees. Beyond personnel development, the creation of a third pillar has amplified the possibility of new roles and career paths for employees within the company.

“ALKU’s exponential growth has not prevented us from continuing to adapt and shift to the needs of our people. Creating Talent as a third pillar is further proof of this. We are constantly looking for ways to invest in our people, from the desk level all the way up to leadership. Making Talent the third pillar will support just that.

The Talent group has already proven that it can help all aspects of the business whether that be through Training Centers, new talent in the form of revenue producers, or the advanced training and development of current employees. This move will allow Talent to strengthen its partnership with the revenue groups while continuing to thrive through its corporate roots.

Given the Talent group’s success to date in all areas of their business, I can only imagine what they will accomplish as a stand-alone pillar at ALKU. I’m excited to watch them grow,” -Dave Esteves, Vice President of Life Sciences.

Learn more about ALKU here: ww.alku.com

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Founded in 2008, ALKU is a specialized consulting services firm, focused on deploying highly skilled consulting resources in the areas of ERP, Healthcare Information Technology, Life Sciences, Government Programs, and Cyber Security. ALKU ranks as one of the fastest-growing firms within its industry. Since its inception, ALKU has consistently received national recognition for its industry-leading growth, company culture, and success. Learn more about ALKU here: www.alku.com