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ALKU Expands Highly Specialized Consulting Services to Include Salesforce

August 04, 2021


ALKU Expands Highly Specialized Consulting Services to include Salesforce

ANDOVER, MA – ALKU announces the expansion of their highly specialized consulting services to include Salesforce. As a result of a demand in the industry, ALKU’s Salesforce Consulting Services team will provide high level contract resources within the entire Salesforce Platform.

To meet the industry demand, and continue providing the most customized experience, ALKU’s reallocated talent to create a Salesforce team. The new Salesforce team is comprised of experienced and enthusiastic professionals ready to assist on any Salesforce platform project nationwide.

“After client demand and market research, ALKU is thrilled to be dedicating a team to fulfill all Salesforce needs. This demand led us to dive deeper into this industry and uncover ALKU’s potential to thrive in this type of market. The variety of industries that use Salesforce are endless. Whether you’re a non-profit or Fortune 500 company, ALKU can deliver high-quality Salesforce Consultants that will fit your needs and budget. From the basic Developer/Admin level, to a Solution Architect/Lead, ALKU can source candidates with any niche specific skillset within the Salesforce platform,” – Daniel Alberico, Recruiting Manager.

As a leader in providing highly specialized consulting services for over 12 years within the technology environment, ALKU will continue to provide clients and employees top tier opportunities and support in this area.

“Over the course of the past year, ALKU has identified the need for a highly specialized Salesforce consulting practice. ALKU now has a Salesforce consulting services team solely dedicated to providing niche resources in all facets of SFDC. We are well suited to support new and existing clients with their digital transformations. Whether implementing Salesforce or enhancing their current system, ALKU delivers every client top talent,” – Brian Foley, Salesforce Account Manager.

By expanding within the technology environment and further specializing within the ERP space, ALKU’s Salesforce team will be able to bring ALKU’s unique capability even further.

Want to learn more about ALKU and our services? Head to ALKU.com.

About ALKU

Founded in 2008, ALKU is a specialized consulting services firm, focused on deploying highly skilled consulting resources in the areas of ERP, Healthcare Information Technology, Life Sciences, Government Programs, Cyber Security and AWS. ALKU ranks as one of the fastest growing firms within its industry. Since inception, ALKU has consistently received national recognition for its industry-leading growth, company culture, and success.