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ALKU Expands its Pharmaceutical Services to have a Niche Focus on Analytical Research and Development

August 04, 2021


For Immediate Release:
Morgan Fay
Marketing Coordinator

ALKU Expands its Pharmaceutical Services to have a Niche Focus on Analytical Research and Development

Andover, MA- ALKU, a niche-based staffing firm, has been supporting the Pharmaceutical space for almost 10 years. In an effort to become more specialized, ALKU has expanded its services into two specific groups, Pharmaceutical Quality, Validation, and Compliance, and Pharmaceutical Analytical Research and Development. ALKU’s Pharmaceutical division observed a need in the market for greater attention on Analytical Research and Development. To continue providing the most customized experience, ALKU’s Pharmaceutical division has divided into two separate teams to further specialize our Pharmaceutical expertise and offerings to clients and consultants across the country.

The Pharmaceutical space offers a clear distinction in the direction and specializations of Quality, Validation, and Compliance, and Analytical Research and Development. The division of our Pharmaceutical group helps properly address and support each of these focuses.

“We are always looking to divide and create more specialized divisions to better suit our clients and consultant network. The Analytical Research and Development space was an area that we wanted to put a larger focus on, to do just that. With the increase in demand on both sides of the market, we were able to create a group that 100% focuses and specializes in analytical sciences for the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. There is constant change in the Life Sciences space, and we want to make sure we are keeping up to continue providing the best services possible,” said Dave Esteves, Director of Life Sciences Sales.

By specifically focusing on Pharmaceutical Analytical Research and Development and Pharmaceutical Quality, Validation, and Compliance, our teams will be able to center even more time and energy into the candidate selection process, staying up to date with industry trends, and providing our customers with the right consultants for their specific project goals. ALKU’s mission has always been to provide the best services to our consultants and customers by keeping up with the changes in the Pharmaceutical space/Life Sciences space.

“Over the past few years, our clients have consistently requested consulting services that focus more on the Analytical Research and Development side of the business. For six months prior to opening a new division, ALKU was pro-actively recruiting consultants within the Analytical Research and Development field and pre-qualifying them for our clients. After we did our due diligence and identified the highest quality consultants in the industry, we informed our clients of our new capabilities and began to add additional value,” said Tyler Boyle, Pharmaceutical Recruiting Manager.

The specialization of our Pharmaceutical group to focus on these two areas is a great indicator of continued business in the Pharmaceutical space and that ALKU is ready to dive deeper to continue providing exceptional, customized services.

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