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ALKU Expands Medical Device Consulting Services to include Software & Technology

November 01, 2021


For Immediate Release:
Valerie Christian
Revenue Marketing Coordinator

ALKU Expands Medical Device Consulting Services to include Software & Technology

Andover, MA – ALKU, a niche-based staffing firm, has expanded its services within the Medical Device Consulting Industry to provide talent and solutions within the Software & Technology focus area.

ALKU has provided top-tier talent within the Life Sciences Industry for nearly 10 years. As an expert in the space, ALKU observed an increase in demand for Software & Technology consulting services. As a result, ALKU reallocated talent to create a new team to solely focus on providing Software & Technology support for current and future customers, as well as new and exciting opportunities for their consultants. The creation of a Software & Technology team will enable ALKU to dedicate more time and resources towards the candidate selection process, stay up to date with industry regulations and releases, and provide customers with the experts needed for their specific project goals.

“ALKU is constantly looking for opportunities to specialize and provide better resources to our clients. This constant evolution as a company allows us to remain competitive with industry trends and provide top-tier talent for our client’s top-priority projects. In the last 18 months, ALKU has seen an increase in requests to support Medical Device and Diagnostics clients in the areas of Software & Technology. Our hope with this new team is to align ourselves internally to offer speed and accuracy to our clients when they’re seeking high-level consulting services from Software & Technology professionals. From start to finish, we’re now capable of providing industry-leading talent in this newly emerging Medical Device Technology space.” – Zach Canto, Medical Device Sales Manager

In addition to Software & Technology, ALKU’s Medical Device teams are specialized to support the Medical Device Industry in the areas of Quality, Validation, and Compliance, Technical Engineering, as well as Regulatory and Scientific consulting services.

ALKU’s commitment to people, process, and technology is what provides value to their customers and consultants and drives their business. ALKU’s process of reallocating talent to meet the growing needs of its customers allows ALKU to remain highly specialized and provide expert-level talent across all industries.

Interested in learning more about ALKU’s consulting services? Visit www.ALKU.com

About ALKU

Founded in 2008, ALKU is a specialized consulting services firm, focused on deploying highly skilled consulting resources in the areas of Technologies, Healthcare Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Government Programs. ALKU consecutively ranks as one of the fastest-growing firms within its industry. Since its inception, ALKU has consistently received national recognition for its industry-leading growth, company culture, and success. Learn more about ALKU here: www.alku.com