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ALKU Expands Senior Leadership with the Promotion of Four Vice Presidents

June 15, 2021


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Morgan Fay
Senior Marketing Coordinator


ALKU Expands Senior Leadership with the Promotion of Four Vice Presidents

ANDOVER, MA – ALKU, a nationally ranked niche-based staffing firm, has expanded its Senior Leadership Team with the promotion of four Vice Presidents.

Over a five month span, ALKU has promoted Dave Esteves to Vice President of Life Sciences, Leah Bourdon and Lauren Pacella to Vice President, and Dave Tuell to Vice President of Healthcare IT. As a Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) Fastest Growing Staffing Firm in the US, ALKU’s internal focus on personnel development has been at the foundation of this exponential growth. The commitment to growing internally through opportunity, training, and hands-on experience is exemplified in the appointment of these four Vice Presidents.

“ALKU has continued to add Vice Presidents to the Leadership team over the past few quarters. All recent VP promotions have been organic and are directly correlated to the growth of the business. With the addition of Lauren Pacella, Dave Tuell, Leah Bourdon, and Dave Esteves to the VP ranks, ALKU is positioned to expand rapidly,” -Andrew Bull, Senior Vice President.

Esteves, Bourdon, Pacella, and Tuell’s growth stories at ALKU reflect a commitment to organic growth and a strong foundation for ALKU’s future. Esteves was the first Account Manager to be hired into the Life Sciences sector at ALKU in 2012. He was a crucial component in the company’s growth and eventual split of the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical groups. As a Vice President, Esteves oversees all of the Life Sciences sector at ALKU, a SIA Largest Life Sciences Staffing Firms in the US recipient. This home-grown career path is a key example of what a future at ALKU can be.

Leah Bourdon has paved the way for women at ALKU, as the first woman to join as a recruiter in 2011. Since then, Bourdon has led the way to build ALKU’s unique Talent team, including Training Centers, Training and Development, and Talent Acquisition. Her role as Vice President will directly impact the future of ALKU’s growth, with the most recent addition of her Talent team as ALKU’s third pillar of business, joining Corporate and Revenue.

“The recent promotion of four Vice Presidents has shown that ALKU is constantly striving to build a deep and solid leadership team. This is a great sign for ALKU as a whole, as we build our org chart and look towards succession planning, there is opportunity for every ALKU employee. Whether you are in a VP role or a new hire, the future is bright!” -Lauren Pacella, Vice President.

For Pacella, her career with ALKU started out of college when she joined the Corporate team to focus on consultant services. She has since grown her area of business to include Human Resources, Benefits, Operations, Payroll, Personnel Services, and Government Corporate for all seven of our office locations. Many of these teams and functions did not exist prior to Pacella’s start in 2012.

When ALKU acquired Holland Square Group in 2017, Tuell stepped up to the plate, helping to oversee the acquired divisions, and adding three regional locations to his team. As a Vice President, Tuell is the first to oversee divisions in three states and will be the driving force for the future of the Healthcare IT sectors at ALKU.

“The most important aspect of our business is our internal employees. At ALKU, employees know they are the leadership team’s top priority. This fact creates a collaborative environment for career advancement, but more importantly, for personal growth. ALKU will continue to grow at an amazing pace, while providing people with great opportunities along the way. I am more excited than ever to be a part of this growth and help us become the best Staffing firm in the country,” -Dave Tuell, Vice President of Healthcare IT.

As a 2021 SIA Best Place to Work and Largest Staffing Firms, ALKU has no plan of slowing down. With Esteves, Bourdon, Pacella, and Tuell leading as Vice Presidents, ALKU’s future is set up for more strong growth and success.

“As a growing company, it is important for us to continue to put in place the organizational structure to support this growth. These promotions represent this endeavor. ALKU has been built on putting our best people on our best opportunity, and this is no different. This group of people moving into Vice President roles allows us to continue our path to further growth and opens up opportunity for others to step into their previous roles. We are positioned better than ever for the future,” -Jon Kujala, Senior Vice President.

Interested in learning more about ALKU’s exponential growth and unique company culture? Check it out here: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2021/06/01/3-ways-to-maintain-culture-in-exponential-growth.html



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About ALKU:

Founded in 2008, ALKU is a specialized consulting services firm, focused on deploying highly skilled consulting resources in the areas of ERP, Healthcare Information Technology, Life Sciences, Government Programs, and Information Security. ALKU ranks as one of the fastest growing firms within its industry. Since inception, ALKU has consistently received national recognition for its industry-leading growth, company culture, and success. Learn more about ALKU here: www.alku.com.