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ALKU Expands Technology Services with the Creation of Kronos Division

August 04, 2021


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Morgan Fay
Marketing Coordinator

ALKU Expands Technology Services with the Creation of Kronos Division

Andover, MA-ALKU, a niche-based staffing firm, has expanded its services with the creation of a Kronos division. ALKU has been a leading force in the technology staffing world for over 12 years. ALKU observed a demand in the industry for Kronos specialization, and met the demand by creating a new division to be focused solely on Kronos.

Previously, ALKU’s Oracle team oversaw both Oracle and Kronos Consultants consultants and needs. To meet the industry demand, and to continue providing the most customized experience, ALKU’s Oracle division reallocated talent to create the Kronos division. The new ALKU Kronos division is made up of experienced and enthusiastic professionals ready to assist on any Kronos project across the country.

By dividing and further specializing our current Oracle Consulting team into Oracle Cloud and Kronos, we will better position ourselves in each market. By building two niche specific groups, we will continue to strengthen our relationships with our consultants and customers. The history of ALKU has shown that focusing on niche specific areas has led us to be industry leaders within those technologies. Kronos and Oracle are two markets ALKU has supported throughout the years – now that we will be further specializing in these two technologies, we will be dedicating resources in each space. This move will strengthen our ability to support implementations, upgrades, customizations, etc. and our clients can feel confident that ALKU will continue to provide the proper resources to successfully meet their needs,” Micaela Damiano, ALKU Director of ERP Recruiting.

The Kronos product environment has seen a large uptick in demand. As a result of this demand, ALKU’s development and specialization into a Kronos specific division will allow ALKU to continue providing top quality services to all Kronos experts.

The creation of a Kronos division will enable ALKU’s team to center even more time and energy into the candidate selection process, staying up to date with industry trends and releases, and providing our customers with the right consultants for their specific project goals.

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About ALKU

Founded in 2008, ALKU is a specialized consulting services firm, focused on deploying highly skilled consulting resources in the areas of ERP, Healthcare Information Technology, Life Sciences, Government Programs, and Information Security. ALKU ranks as one of the fastest growing firms within its industry. Since inception, ALKU has consistently received national recognition for its industry-leading growth, company culture, and success. Learn more about ALKU here: www.alku.com