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ALKU Veterans Spotlight: Christopher Carney

November 28, 2022


We are thrilled to announce ALKU’s newest Employee Resource Group (ERG), ALKU Veterans! The Mission of ALKU Veterans To help provide support for other Veterans and family members as well as to help spread awareness to the employees of ALKU about life after serving in the military. ALKU Veterans is sponsored by Dave Bruner and Leah Bourdon and led by Christopher Carney and Anthony Sicari! 

Recently, we sat down with Christopher to ask him questions regarding himself and the future of ALKU Veterans. Check out the ALKU Veterans Table Talk below for all the details on ALKU’s newest ERG! 

What do you hope the future of the ALKU Veterans ERG will bring?
I hope the Veterans ERG will help raise awareness about the lifestyle and backgrounds of people who have served in the military. My goal is to offer a sense of community to fellow Veterans and allow them to share their stories and experiences in a safe space.  

What motivated you to create ALKU Veterans?
Being the Military Relationship Specialist motivated me to create ALKU Veterans. This, combined with my military background, has taught me how important it is to offer resources like this, especially as ALKU begins to diversify its military-affiliated population internally.   

What are you most excited about since implementing ALKU Veterans?
I am most excited to meet with other ALKU Veterans to learn about their experiences and backgrounds. I look forward to increasing the number of Veteran-related volunteer opportunities that will result from ALKU Veterans working closely with our Community Relations team. Some examples include volunteering for Wounded Warriors, veteran-specific homeless shelters for Veterans, and K9 For Warriors.  

What are some things you want Veteran allies to be aware of?
I want Veteran allies to be aware of the sacrifices people have made to serve their country. For example, many people who serve in the military can spend up to 12 months away from their families. Some of them never even make it home, so being aware of that and just going out of your way to thank them can go a long way.   

Who is your biggest role model, and why?
My biggest role model was my Platoon Sergeant while overseas. He was my right-hand man throughout the deployment and a lot more experienced than me; he helped shape me into the man and leader I am today.   

What is one thing/activity that improves your day-to-day life?
I enjoy running, especially early in the morning when it is nice and quiet!  

Is there anything you wish civilians understood about military service? 
When you are tempted to complain about having a bad day, remember that the people overseas would most likely rather be where you are.   

What did you learn about yourself from your experience serving?
Being an officer in the Military taught me how to manage my time and resources. It also taught me that if you take care of your soldiers, they will take care of you and that lesson can be applied in any work environment.   

What motivated you to serve?
I joined the military because my dad was a captain in the Army. As I grew up, I always enjoyed the thought of being a soldier and wanted to take on that challenge.