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ALKU Veterans Spotlight: Dylan Kierman

March 13, 2023


We are excited to introduce ALKU’s newest ALKU Veterans Leader, Senior Medical Device RA Recruiter, Dylan Kierman! 

We cannot wait to see how Dylan continues to grow the ALKU Veteran Family! Congratulations, Dylan!   

Check out the answers Dylan provided below!  

What motivated you to become a leader of ALKU Veterans?
I was motivated to become a leader of ALKU Veterans because I look back on my time of service with immense pride. Along the way, I met so many amazing people with amazing journeys. Any time that I can join an organization to spread more awareness about the lives of military members both during and after their time of service, I feel it is the least I could do.   

What do you hope the future of the ALKU Veterans ERG will bring?
I hope the future of the ALKU Veterans ERG will bring more awareness to the daily lives of active and past members of the armed forces. I also hope to help provide different avenues for us to help families of military members. My plan for this is to research volunteer opportunities that are designed to assist families of members who are currently deployed.   

What are some things you want Veteran allies to be aware of?
Some things that I want Veteran allies to be aware of are the opportunities that Anthony Sicari and I will be putting together to spread awareness and provide support to Active Duty Service Members and Veterans as well. My goal as a leader of this group is to help service members anywhere I can and be available to shed light on my experience while serving in the Air Force.   

Who is your biggest role model, and why?
My biggest role model is my father. My Father served in the Air Force for 13 years. He and my mother were 18 years old when they found out they were having their first baby. My father had to make sacrifices in his personal life to ensure he put his family in the best situation possible. My father set his own personal desires aside and put his family’s well-being before his own for about 22 years while raising his four children to adulthood. This type of selflessness cannot be taught to somebody, and I am forever grateful that he was able to do this.   

What is one thing/activity that improves your day-to-day life?
One thing that improves my daily life is when I can exercise at the gym. The gym is a great stress reliever for me and improves my mental and physical health.   

Is there anything you wish civilians understood about military service? 
One thing I wish civilians understood about military service is how hard it is to be away from family and loved ones for an extended period. When a service member is either deployed outside of the U.S. or tasked to train at another base within the U.S., being away from loved ones can certainly take a toll on the military member. Being away and not knowing what is going on back home can be overwhelming and vulnerable.   

What did you learn about yourself from your experience serving?
One thing I learned about myself from my experience serving is that I have a great work ethic. This is something that I struggled with before my time in service. I found myself not giving full effort to the things I was doing. However, during basic training, I learned how to truly work for the things that I wanted to accomplish, which I have taken with me even passed my time in service. I truly do not think I would be in the position I am today if it weren’t for my time serving in the Air Force.   

What motivated you to serve?
I was motivated to serve for several reasons. I have several family members who have served and who continue to serve to this day. My family members are spread out through the Air Force, Marines, and Navy. I was also motivated to serve to learn more about myself and to see what I was capable of. I was motivated to serve because I love the country we live in and the freedoms that come with living here. I felt it was the least I could do to show appreciation and support.