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ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) Spotlight: Samantha Beaulieu

April 02, 2024


ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) is a women’s group determined to provide resources to the women of ALKU and give them the support they need to continue to develop within the organization. Six women have changed their status from AWE Member to AWE Leader, and one of them is Intern Recruiting Trainer II, Samantha Beaulieu!   

Freshly Graduated 20-Something  

Being a member of AWE was a bright spot for Samantha when she started her ALKU career. Meeting empowered women and hearing their stories motivated her as she strived toward her goals. AWE helped her gain confidence as a freshly graduated 20-something-year-old who felt lost in a new corporate world. When AWE Leadership applications opened, it was an opportunity that meant so much to Samantha that she had to jump on it.  

The Bigger Picture 

Samantha is a big-picture thinker constantly finding ways to make ALKU’s Internship Program more efficient, creative, and engaging. As a new AWE Leader, she wants to provide an opportunity for AWE members to be partners in the Internship Program, ultimately inspiring the next generation of powerful ALKU women on their career path. To quote Samantha, “Mentorship is engraved in everything that the ALKrew does, so why not bring it to AWE, too?!”  

2024 Goals  

AWE has and continues to be built on new ideas and new voices. Samantha’s primary goal for AWE for 2024 is for the group to contribute to that and be as beneficial to its members as possible. To achieve this, it’s essential for AWE Leadership to bring a fresh variety of topics that encompass a little bit of everything. She wants to empower as many ALKU women as possible through goal setting, confidence building, and insight from guest speakers.  

Samantha has been passionate about ALKU’s giving back and DE&I initiatives for some time. As an AWE Leader, she can be more involved in both areas! Learn about ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and stay tuned to meet the rest of AWE’s new Leadership team!