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ALKU’s 2022 Open House

November 17, 2022


Throughout October and November, the ALKrew attended their home office fall-themed Open House! This was an exceptional event because this was the first time in three years that Open Houses were back in person following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Open Houses took place at ALKU’s full-time office locations in Andover, MA, Herndon, VA, Charlotte, NC, and Franklin, TN. ALKU’s Training Centers had their Open Houses at James Madison University and UMass Amherst. Additionally, there was an Open House for ALKU’s Virtual Training Center.

The ALKrew gathered their friends and families and attended the highly anticipated annual event! The ‘Krew took the excellent opportunity to show their guests where they work, their co-workers, and even their manager! Food, drinks, and even ALKU coloring sheets were available for the children in attendance! Not to mention, the Andover Open House had ALKU-branded beer!

Safe to say, the in-person Open Houses were back and better than ever! Special shout out to all who helped bring this year’s Open Houses to life! The ALKrew looks forward to next year’s Open Houses in 2023!