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January 26, 2022


Yesterday, ALKU hosted its 2022 Virtual Kick Off! January is the special month that the ALKrew unites for the company-wide Kick Off event! This year’s theme was Mario Party with an emphasis on the phrase LVL UP!

The Kick Off was hosted by Becca Crossley, Director of Marketing, Charles Nevejans, Senior Pharmaceutical QVC & RS Sales Manager, Taylor Trumphour, Virtual Training Center Manager, Andrew Regan, Director of Training Centers, and Liz Barker, Oracle Cloud Recruiting Manager. Each speaker did an amazing job getting into character and hosting Mario Party. They unlocked levels regarding exciting announcements revolving around Inclusion, Growth, Technology, and Programs!

Having the Kick Off event year after year allows the ALKrew to get on the same page with new goals and initiatives for the new year. These exciting announcements get the ALKrew motivated and energized to LVL UP for 2022!

Senior Vice President, Jon Kujala left the ALKrew with one final word, opportunity. Kujala stated “Opportunity is going to continue and it’s up to you to take advantage of this. Do your best at your job and LVL UP everything that we are doing this year.” ALKU can’t wait to Have Fun Working Hard™ and LVL UP in 2022!