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ALKU’s 5 Year Business Plan Roll Out Recap

April 26, 2022


For the past 2 weeks, the Vice Presidents have been incredibly busy traveling to ALKU’s four full-time offices to deliver our 5 Year Business Plan! The 5 Year Business Plan is reviewed every 2.5 years and revealed to the ALKrew through an in-office presentation highlighting various principles and company goals.

The presentations were completed by Vice President, Leah Bourdon, Vice President, Lauren Pacella, Vice President of Life Sciences, David Esteves, Vice President of ERP, Nick Vignone, and Vice President of Healthcare IT, David Tuell. The VPs revealed ALKU’s business principles, culture principles, innitiatives, and so much more.

In honor of the big day, ALKU provided a delicious lunch for each office prior to the big reveal of the 5 Year Business Plan. Throughout the presentation, the ALKrew enjoyed drinks and appetizers while hearing from the VPs and soaking in every detail.

ALKU can’t wait to use this detailed roadmap to keep growing, developing, and LVL UP!