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ALKU’s Government Division Expands Further into Intel and Engineering

August 04, 2021


For Immediate Release:
Morgan Fay
Senior Marketing Coordinator

ALKU’s Government Division Expands Further into Intel and Engineering

Herndon, Virginia- ALKU’s Government division, a privately owned National Security Defense Contractor, has further specialized its offerings in the Intel and Engineering (I&E) community. ALKU’s Government division has 20 years of combined experience in delivering solution-based Systems and Software Engineering, IT, Network and Cyber Security, and Cloud and Big Data Services for government customer initiatives within the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. ALKU observed demand in the industry for a team solely dedicated to Intel and Engineering and met that demand with this specialization.

Previously, ALKU’s Government IT team oversaw both IT and I&E employees and projects. To meet the demands of established focuses at some of ALKU’s biggest clients, ALKU’s Government IT division reallocated talent to create a focused Intel and Engineering team. ALKU’s I&E team is made up of experienced and enthusiastic professionals ready to continue ALKU’s exceptional services and value provided for years in the industry.

“By creating a new division within our Government brand, we are aiming to provide better resources to our clients and provide better opportunities to our employees. We have seen a demand for support within the Intel and Engineering Cleared Field, so choosing to divide and specialize will only help us provide better niche resources to our clients and employees.

With the addition of Intel & Engineering to our Government brand, we will better position ourselves to provide assistance and support to clients and employees on a niche level. We have supported the Government and Cleared Space for years now and have proven to be successful within both of our IT divisions. Dedicating resources and personnel to expand and grow within another niche division of I&E will strengthen our relationships with our clients, employees, and help us provide even better services,” -Kayla Gibbs, Government I&E Resource Manager.

By dividing within the Cleared Defense Industry and further specializing within Intel and Engineering, ALKU’s I&E team will be able to bring ALKU’s unique capability even further in the Intel and Engineering communities. The history of ALKU has shown that focusing on niche-specific areas has led to being industry leaders within those capabilities.

“This transition creates a dedicated and even more specialized dynamic to help both our clients and employees. We are bringing our unique approach to Government contracting to a market that our clients are in demand of and that we have already proven ALKU can deliver on. Our strong industry relationships and further specialization are at the core of ALKU’s identity, and this is just another example of providing an even better service to our clients and employees,” -Brendan Bagnato, Senior Government Program Manager.

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