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ALKU’s Tree Planting Program

December 05, 2022


In June, ALKU’s Marketing and Green Team rolled out a brand new initiative, ALKU’s Tree Planting Program! Through the Tree Program, ALKU is joining the initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow global warming.   

ALKU’s goal is to plant trees to help offset our carbon footprint. Doing so will eventually allow ALKU to get to the point of being a net zero-emission commission.    

For this initiative, ALKU partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization committed to restoring our forests, creating habitats for biodiversity, and making a positive impact worldwide. ALKU has pledged to plant 20,000 trees through One Tree Planted by the end of 2023.    

The ALKrew has set metrics for Corporate and Talent as well as Revenue, ensuring that ALKU hits the 20,000 trees planted goal. There have also been contests rolled out to emphasize the initiative. Additionally, the ‘Krew can donate on their own!  

“We wanted to get people excited about sustainability. Knowing that we are a metrics/results-driven company, we thought what better way to do this than to tie planting a tree to hitting specific metrics! It’s an excellent way for individual employees to contribute to the company’s overall goal of being more sustainable. In just a few months, we have planted over 4,000 trees! Our goal is 20,000 trees by the end of 2023, so while we may still have a long way to go, I am confident we will crush this goal!” -Kayla Morrison 

If ALKU hits the $20,000 goal, CEO, Mark Eldridge will match $20,000, and ALKU will match $20,000! 

Today, ALKU has reached 21% of our objective. Stay tuned to learn more and stay updated on our Tree Planting Program through the new year!