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Alyssa Anderson Promoted to Accounting Manager

April 22, 2024


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In less than four short years, Alyssa has become a role model within ALKU’s Corporate pillar and a stand-out employee across the entire company. Alyssa started with ALKU as an Accounting Intern in 2019 and eventually came on full-time in June 2020. They have always excelled in their role and quickly became an expert in all things Revenue reconciliation. After inheriting some complex Accounting processes, Alyssa took them on without blinking an eye and managed to nail down efficient processes that have saved a tremendous amount of time and money for the company. This past year, Alyssa has taken on so much – mentoring multiple Accounting team members, playing a pivotal role in the team’s year-end audit, and tracking quarterly tax payments. Through all of this, Alyssa has exemplified exactly what we look for in an ALKU leader. They are incredibly reliable, approachable, and proactive, leaving us with no doubt that Alyssa will be an excellent addition to ALKU’s Leadership team.

With their determination and grit, Alyssa is always striving for more, both within their department and the company as a whole. Through their hard work, active membership in ALKU ERGs, and willingness to always lend a helping hand, Alyssa has asserted themself as a go-to person for all employees at ALKU. They consistently go out of their way to participate in company initiatives and make a difference; Alyssa is the leader of ALKU’s PRIDE ERG, has participated in multiple brand-wide presentations, and will be fundraising for the Falmouth Road Race this August. In their new role, Alyssa will continue to oversee and develop the current members of the Accounting team. They will also work with Accounting and Finance Leadership to set and achieve goals to bring the team to the next level.

“ALYSSA!!! I’ve had a draft of this saved for the last year out of sheer excitement for this day! I cannot begin to tell you how deserving you are of this promotion. It has been so great to watch you grow into the leader you’ve become – since your Intern days, there was never a doubt that you would do anything less than blow us away. Your work ethic is one that everyone should strive to replicate, and I am consistently impressed with your ability to find creative solutions to any problem you face. You’ve built a reputation of being the go-to person when complex challenges present themselves because we can always trust that you’ll get the job done right. Not only do you care about what you do, but more importantly, you care immensely about the people you’re doing it with – a quality that has made you such a great leader.

You go above and beyond in every capacity, even outside of your work function. I’ve lost count of how many times someone has come my way requesting your help with a company-wide update. I consider myself very lucky to get to work with you every day; this promotion is beyond well-deserved and I cannot wait to see all that you will achieve next! Congratulations!!” – Accounting Manager, Michael Bachilas

“Alyssa excelled in their role since day one, growing alongside the company, starting as an Intern five years ago, and through today as a Manager (!!!). They have taken just about every process in the Revenue Accounting world and revamped it over the last three or so years, causing the team to run more efficiently than ever before. Despite having a full plate when it comes to their job, Alyssa is never one to shy away from getting involved at ALKU, from being involved in ERGs, to fundraising and participating in events, to presenting at a Brannual. I am constantly impressed by Alyssa and am so happy to be congratulating them on this very well-deserved promotion!” – Controller, Haley Giampietro

“I have had the pleasure of working with Alyssa in a few different capacities at ALKU. The first time I saw them in action was when I began attending the Government Unbilled meeting which Alyssa ran at the time. If you’ve never heard of this meeting, you might have a hard time appreciating what an undertaking it is to facilitate and maintain that report – so take my word for it when I tell you, it ain’t easy!!! Over the course of my involvement, I witnessed a noticeable improvement in the meeting’s efficiency, largely attributable to Alyssa’s dedication to refining processes for all stakeholders.

I’ve also gotten to know Alyssa better in their role as the PRIDE ERG leader. Despite PRIDE being one of the smaller ERGs, its impact within the ALKU community has been significant. Alyssa’s stewardship of this group has been exceptional, as they’ve helped spearhead initiatives ranging from fundraising to presentations raising awareness on matters vital to the LGBTQIA+ community. Alyssa’s commitment to fostering inclusivity at ALKU serves as a great example for emerging leaders.

Congratulations Alyssa!!! You are a wonderful person/friend/employee/leader! This promotion is so well deserved! ” – Director, Personnel Services, Anna Kochien