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Amherst Training Center Managers Spotlight

July 10, 2023


We are thrilled to be spotlighting our first set of Training Center Managers featuring Training Center Manager, Amherst, Philip Masotta, and Adam DeGregorio! Philip and Adam have shared the inside scoop as to when they started their ALKU career, their favorite part of their job, and all about the Amherst Training Center! 

When did you start your ALKU career?
Adam: September 19th, 2016
Philip: August 24th, 2020 

What was your first full-time role at ALKU?
Adam: SAP Recruiter
Philip: Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific Account Manager  

What drove you to your current position?
Adam: I wanted to play a bigger part in helping grow the company that I had grown to love! Our internship program is one of one and truly a unique experience that sets us apart from the competition. I recognized the importance of this and figured there was no better opportunity to help us continue to grow and elevate us to new heights.
Philip: I wanted to make the most impact I could at the company. Instead of having my individual success as an Account Manager, I can replicate that to have successful Account Managers for the company! ALKU has welcomed me with open arms since the very start, and I take pride as a Training Center Manager by giving back to the top-tier revenue producers for the company! 

What is your favorite part of your job?
Adam: My favorite part of the job is being able to play a part in building ALKU’s future. Throughout my time at the Training Center, I have seen first-hand the impact Interns have on ALKU and have been fortunate enough to train and mentor some of the best and brightest revenue-producing employees at the company!
Philip: The mentoring! I really love being able to build people up from a skillset and confidence perspective. Seeing the growth of being rough on the phones to start and then, by the end, being self-sustaining! Really cool feeling! 

What is the atmosphere like at the Training Center?
Adam: The Training Centers are mini ALKUs! Everything about the Training Centers resembles what our full-time offices are like. The Interns are held to similar standards as our full-time employees and have some freedom to run their own desks like their own small business! It’s a fun and collaborative environment with some of those same perks that make our main offices so special!
Philip: The atmosphere is awesome. I’ll be the first person to make a joke and keep the mood light, but I also work hard to get better each and every day. We set very clear expectations that we take things seriously out here, and our sole goal is to make each intern the best that they can be. These are young adults that want to set themselves up for life, and it’s on me to take them to the next level! We quite literally have fun while working hard. 

How does ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture display throughout the Training Center?
Adam: Its starts with the Training Center Managers! As a Training Center Manager, you are the catalyst for energy. It is our job to bring the energy and drive culture, and it is apparent every day! Whether it is a friendly internal competition or testing Phil’s wildlife knowledge, we always find a way to Have Fun Working Hard®!
Philip: It’s displayed each and every day. It starts with myself to bring the right energy every day. If I’m not motivated, then the Interns won’t be motivated. We have the perfect balance of enjoying the office and the job while also working hard and understanding the big picture.  

What can an ALKU Intern expect to learn and experience throughout their internship?
Adam: They can expect to learn and experience what goes into becoming a successful employee at ALKU. At ALKU, our internship is designed to give our Interns real-world experience and get a head start at mastering the exact thing they would be doing at the full-time level at ALKU.
Philip: They can expect to learn how to be the best at sales and recruiting and also be the best employee. I was lucky enough to work with excellent AMs such as Charlie Nevejans, Thomas Parcero, and Hanzla Sheik, so I’m able to relay what they taught me to my interns on the sales side of things. My mindset is that being the best ALKU employee is a 50/50 split of being good on and off the phones. Being early, staying late, introducing yourself, helping others, being respectful, etc. These are things that create discipline, and discipline is what makes you great on the phone.  

What is one piece of advice you would give an individual looking to pursue an internship at ALKU?
Adam: Make the absolute most out of the opportunity you have in front of you. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, so don’t just be here to be here. Take things seriously and take that leap of faith!
Philip: Treat this as an opportunity and not just an internship! This is a chance to set yourself up for success financially and career-wise. Seize it! Your bank account will thank you later! 

What internships are currently available?
Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024, Summer 2024

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