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Ana Etienne: AWE Leader Spotlight

March 10, 2022


Why did you apply to be a part of the new leadership of AWE?  

Not only as woman but as WOC, I hope to provide a different perspective of what it means to be a WOC in not only today’s society but in the workplace. I think sometimes we forget that even though women have come a long way in society in terms of rights, WOC still continue to be marginalized and continue to fight every single day just to hold a seat at the table. As we continue to increase diversity and inclusion at ALKU, I think it’s important to show all forms of representation. I hope to be a voice for those WOC. 

How do you support women in your community or at ALKU, or both? 

 I struggled to answer this question at first because I tried to think of something elaborate and big but for me it’s as simple as having someone’s back in general. Navigating this world can be hard sometimes and all anyone ever wants is someone who is willing to listen and understand them. I strive to be the person that all women at ALKU and within my life could always come to. 

What is a new idea or initiative that you plan to bring to AWE? 

ALKU Women’s Retreat! I can’t think of a better way to bring the ALKU women together with an event solely for women’s empowerment outside of a work setting. 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?  

 To me International Women’s Day is highlighting not just one group of women but all women around the world. Women come in different shapes and sizes. We all have our own imperfections that make us unique in our own ways and it doesn’t matter whether you were so called “born” a woman or not; all women deserve to be recognized.  

Who is an ALKrew role model of yours that inspires you?  

 This one is probably hard to believe seeing that I give this woman so much sass but gosh I just love Ms. Jeanine Morgan. I don’t think she understands how influential she has been to me in both a personal and professional setting. You don’t come across a lot of people like this woman in a lifetime and no amount of words can ever express just how truly grateful I am every day that I get to be on the same team as Jeanine. She’s our AR/Cash/Billing/CS mother hen.  

Favorite quote said by a woman of influence or a woman in history?  

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou  

Best advice you could give to a woman starting at ALKU? 

 You have got to be comfortable with being uncomfortable or you’re not going to make it. Always be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Be willing to absorb as much information as possible and utilize the resources that we have here, which includes the people at this company. Above all, remember to have fun and make sure to pat yourself on the back for all the accomplishments you’re going to do!  

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Chipotle, Movies, gum, and a lemon loaf from Starbucks