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Ana Etienne Promoted to Collections Manager, Life Sciences

August 18, 2022


 Ana started her ALKU career in February of 2019 and immediately displayed her team-player attitude. She began by assisting the group when Accounts Receivable was down a member and became determined to impact ALKU and the group. She collected for Medical Device over time, constituting 32% of ALKU’s total AR balance. She worked up to Senior Accounts Receivable Coordinator in April 2021 and took on some training responsibilities while becoming a point person in Life Sciences.   

Ana has made it her mission to meet with various company members, learn all she can, and work hard to achieve her goals. Additionally, she has hugely contributed to ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard™ culture. For example, she is a part of the following Employee Resource Groups: one of the ALKU Women Empowered leaders and a member of Unity and State of Mind. Additionally, she is an active member of ALKU’s Book Club.  

Ana will help her team get the money in the door for the Life Sciences brand in her new role. Ana will continue to train/develop her team in their respective collection roles and handle any escalated accounts/reconciliations specifically about the Life Sciences brands. She will oversee the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical collectors and assist them in decreasing the past due percentages as quickly and efficiently as possible.   

Congratulations, Ana! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“ANA!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!! You have made Life Sciences your home since you started, and I know they will continue to be in excellent hands with you steering the collections! You have worked hard for this, and AR could not be more proud! I have watched you grow and flourish from someone who first came across as SHY AND QUIET (hard to believe, I know!) to someone who met virtually everyone in the company and used your fun sassiness to help develop relationships and run meetings with ease. You have grown so much in your role as a Senior, and I cannot WAIT to see all you accomplish now as a manager! I am genuinely proud of you and so happy that you can’t claim that you are ‘new’ to anyone ever again!! You deserve this! CONGRATS!!” -Colleen Martin  

“ANA!!!!! Congratulations on your promotion!  When I think back to when you started with ALKU and where you are today, it makes me smile!  The transformation from the shy, head down, and nervous about speaking in front of employees to the sassy, let’s meet and go to lunch with everyone, no-nonsense “let’s collect this money” employee has been great to witness!   Your initiative and team player approach to problem-solving has contributed to your success.  You have always offered help to anyone who needs it, whether on your team or another member of the ALKrew!  Your social skills have helped create a great culture, whether it is organizing happy hours, group get-togethers, or lunches. Your energy and sassiness are contagious and keep everyone on their toes (especially me)! All your hard work has paid off; CONGRATULATIONS; I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in your new role.  Keep reaching for the stars!!” -Jeanine Morgan  

“Ana, you are a force to be reckoned with. The commitment and passion you have for this role are unmatched. To put it into perspective, Med alone is the largest division, making up 32% of the entire ALKU AR balance. By each month’s end, Med averaged about 3% over 30 days past due, which is unbelievable given how big it is. Not only did Ana take on this challenge, but she also did it with a smile on her face and even helped train two new hires. You are a true spark for ALKU, and we are lucky to work with you daily. It wouldn’t be fair to write Ana’s promotion quote without the kind words from those she supports daily, and I will say it was so tough even to compile just a few words. You have many people rooting for you at ALKU, which is a testament to your type of personality:   

‘Ana is incredibly passionate about her job and works diligently to make sure we get paid by our clients.’ 

‘I look forward to being on meetings with Ana mostly for her charisma and ability to make the entire room/ZOOM burst into laughter. She makes work fun; she’s always authentically herself and resourceful in supporting our revenue teams.’ 

‘She always goes the extra mile when it comes to all aspects of the job.’ 

‘Persistence, patience, and passion for the job – Ana brings these qualities and much more to the table daily.’ 

‘Ana is a rockstar. Period’ 

Congrats Ana!! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in this new and exciting chapter as a manager!” – Kristina Kent