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Andrew Bull Promoted to President of ALKU

April 25, 2022


For Immediate Release:
Brigid Washburn
Communications Coordinator

ANDOVER, MA– ALKU, a nationally ranked niche-based staffing firm has promoted Andrew Bull to President of ALKU. ALKU’s commitment to growing organically through opportunity, training, and hands on experience is exemplified with this strategic, fundamental, and honorable promotion.

Andrew Bull started his career with ALKU as the company’s first intern. Through his several years of industry experience, Andrew has carved his path to President of ALKU. Andrew is responsible for co-founding the Life Sciences group and the strategic vision of the Government groups, including investigating new markets and business lines, as well as the oversight of all revenue generating activities. The level of success Andrew has experienced in his time at ALKU has been an inspiration and driving force amongst other internal employees.

As President, Andrew has responsibility for overall revenue operations and strategy. This will include the management of the other business leaders, client and consultant plans and the execution of all operations. His efforts will be focused on driving growth by ensuring that all employees have a smooth and clear career path and direction in front of them. He will also ensure that ALKU’s corporate and talent pillars have a clear direction and understanding to be able to support the revenue divisions and their growth. The role also includes complete financial responsibility for all revenue related metrics and company performance benchmarks.

Throughout Andrew’s career, he has developed an expansive leadership team. These impressive and knowledgeable leaders were all developed organically through ALKU. These leaders were all under Andrew’s leadership, development, and mentorship from the beginning.

“Since the day he started, Andrew has exceeded expectations and shown that he has a keen mind for our business.  In the time since being our first ever intern, Andrew has gained expertise and helped to refine and develop the ALKU story.  We are very proud of Andrew’s accomplishments, progress, and the teams that he has built, but we are even more excited about his potential and future.  While he has done a lot for us, we know that Andrew’s biggest accomplishments are ahead of him.”-Mark Eldridge CEO and Founder

Andrew has been responsible for managing over half of ALKU’s revenue teams which includes over 100 full-time employees. In specific, he managed 10 divisions and assisted in the creation of one additional key component. Even through a global pandemic, ALKU managed to expand and diversify when clients needed it the most. Recently, after observing an opportunity in the industry, ALKU’s Government sector further specialized with the addition of Intelligence Analysis and Engineering solutions.

ALKU looks forward to continuing to grow and expand their Leadership team.