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Andrew Regan Promoted to Senior Director of Training Centers

May 03, 2022


Andrew was the first Amherst Training Center Manager, and he now oversees six Training Centers. Andrew is always bringing positive energy to any meeting, event, or situation he is involved in. His personality absolutely radiates and ensures everyone around him is having a great time while working towards a goal. By doing so, Andrew has guided the Training Centers successfully and is producing a top-notch full-time hire pipeline. Andrew has worked incredibly hard to expand the positive impact the Training Centers have on the company.

Over the past two years, Andrew has proven to be a big thinker. When COVID-19 prevented the Training Centers from being in person, he was able to quickly pivot from the original strategy into producing a Virtual Training Center. Today, ALKU now has three Virtual Training Centers. These Training Centers allow ALKU to recruit hires from anywhere. He has provided a space to grow the internship population over 200 interns during just one session. Andrew is incredibly focused on increasing the amount of new full-time revenue hires coming from the Training Centers with each year.

Andrew’s responsibilities will continue to encompass the overall strategy, specialization and growth of the Training Center program and company-wide internship program. Andrew, in partnership with Talent Acquisition, focuses on the hiring strategy and pipeline of the six Training Centers. He will continue to coordinate initiatives within Talent as well as work to connect Corporate, Revenue and Talent to improve on processes and new hiring pipeline.

Congratulations, Andrew! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Congratulations Andrew!!!! We are so lucky to have your unique, fun, smart, energetic personality overseeing the Training Centers and in a Senior Director role. You have been able to harness your strengths to build and expand on the Training Center program, making an incredible impact in Talent and ALKU. You have taken the Training Centers from two to six and counting over the last few years with more specializations on the way. You are a mentor to many, a friend to all and someone I can always rely on. Whether it is an encouraging message, giving your opinion or some grand new idea- You have been a steadfast partner in building Talent since the start. I APPRECIATE YOU. Cannot wait to see what direction you take the TCs in next!” -Leah Bourdon

“Mr. Regan, Lord Regan, King of the interns- you’re doing great, keep up the good work! Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion to Senior Director! There are some people who are just genuinely a pleasure to work with and Andrew Regan is without a doubt one of those people. He is always positive and brings the energy to every meeting. There aren’t too many people at ALKU who have had more title changes than me but I think Andrew holds the record there. He is a great example of how important it is to trust your manager and to have faith in the process to get to where you want to be. He has made such a huge impact on so many different areas of the company and continues to do this today through the intern program. Andrew is by far one of the most approachable leaders in the company and we would be lost without him! Congrats Regan, so excited to have you as part of the Senior Director squad!!”- Kayla Morrison

“What has Andrew Regan not done for ALKU?  He has taken every leap of faith you can imagine for this company.  He also has made the most out of every single one. In his most tenured “leap of faith” to the training centers, he has proven that this will be his home to stay. The success and growth that the TCs/ALKU has had since he stepped foot into the talent world, has been impressive… to say the least. Mr. Regan is to thank for a large portion of this growth.  He has developed numerous leaders through the training centers and helped establish a continued flow of candidates from UNH and UMass Amherst.  He was able to solidify our footing at JMU and even helped start ALKUs first VTC when things were as unclear as they have ever been for ALKU as a company.  Overseeing the program that provides ALKU with more employees than any other program is not an easy job, but Andrew makes it look easy.  He has grown the program to five (soon to be six!) total TCs. I know he will continue to grow the TCs, as ALKU targets for more and more full-time employees to come from the training centers, and I wouldn’t pick another person to be leading the charge at doing so. Thanks for all you do Mr. Regan and congrats again!”- Dave Esteves