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Angelina Fragala Promoted to Recruiting Development Manager

April 19, 2023


Angelina is one of the critical elements of ALKU’s Government brand. She is not only an essential member of Government IT but a crucial member of the entire group. She is someone that all Recruiters view as a mentor and overall motivator. Angelina leads her group as one of the top producers and has helped to create and craft the Government culture. She is always leading from the front and supporting her team at all times.  

Outside her day-to-day role, she is friends with everyone and always is in the know, no matter the group, division, or pillar. She is incredibly thoughtful, caring, and the first to celebrate everyone around her regardless of the achievement. Overall, she is an essential component of her team and ALKU as a whole.  

In her new role, Angelina will continue to be responsible for leading from the front and helping to continue growing across all three Government divisions. In addition, she will continue to set the tone and team everyone around her how to be the very best.  

Congratulations, Angelina! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 


My little gov queen! I am so proud of you & all the hard work you have put into this job. You have been nothing but resilient since joining ALKU. You started in Workday, we adopted you with open arms, and you changed your life by joining Gov. YOU changed your life. I want you to really take that in. We always talk about the life-changing year and how things were a year ago or 18 months ago, and I am so so proud of you for taking the opportunity in front of you and making the absolute most of it.  

Aside from producing at a high & consistent level, you are everyone’s best friend. You are among the most thoughtful people I know, and we all consider ourselves lucky to know Ang.  

I cannot imagine our office without you.  

Slack Queen, Charlie’s Mama, Senior Recruiter, Gov Queen, and newest & best title yet – Gov RDM!  

So incredibly proud of you & cannot wait to see what you do next!” -Senior Recruiting Manager, Government, Kayla Jones 

“Ang! First ever GOV RDM! No surprise there, but man, am I proud! To state the obvious, you are a rockstar Recruiter, and GOV is beyond lucky to have you. But you contribute so much more to this group than just your amazing recruiting skills. You are hilarious, smart, kind, thoughtful, and driven. Always willing to help out or make someone laugh when they’re having a tough day. Speaking of your laugh…. Well, it’s just the best. I’m lucky to call you a coworker but even luckier to call you a friend. Thank you for being you and making this company even better just by being a part of it! Love you!” – Business Development Manager, Jordan Frohnapfel 

“Congratulations, Angelina, on becoming the Government brand’s first-ever RDM! Your determination, resilience, and sacrifice are now all paying off, and I couldn’t be more excited for you! Ever since you decided to relocate to Herndon, you’ve been nothing but a breath of fresh air. You’ve become the go-to Recruiter in IT, and now you’ll have the ability to be the go-to Recruiter for the Government brand! Watching what you’ve done over the last year has been one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen in the stagging world. It’s safe to say at this point that I owe you an entire night of Karaoke! Congratulations, Ang, we are so fortunate to have you on our team!” – Senior Recruiting Director, Government, Nate Rose 

“ANGGGGG, congratulations, miss RDM! You are a force and a true inspiration. Ang has one of the best comeback stories of all time at ALKU. From JMU Intern to Recruiter in Workday to starting over as a Recruiter in Gov in June 2021 to Sr. Rec to now RDM in less than two years. She exemplifies what hard work and resilience can do for someone. Not only is she a leader in production, but she is also someone who instills a positive & fun culture. She promotes creativity and competition in the office and is someone who you can rely on. Ang makes ALKU brighter, and we are beyond lucky to have her as an RDM. Congratulations again; so well deserved!” – Senior Sales Director, Pharmaceutical and Government, Tarah Lovato