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Angelina Fragala Promoted to Senior Government IT Resource Manager

October 17, 2022


Angelina started her ALKU career in June of 2020 and has been a critical contributor to her team since day one. She is constantly contributing creative ideas to help the group grow and develop. She goes above and beyond daily to help her team in any area and is always willing to do so with a positive attitude.   

Angelina is incredible at making new hires on her team feel welcomed and quickly gets them up to speed with her teaching skills. She always volunteers to sit at a manager/mentor desk so new hires can hear her on the phone and learn by leading by example.   

In her new role, Angelina will be responsible for continuing to produce at a high and effective level for the Government IT group. The Government brand will lean on her to continue to bring positive, upbeat energy and keep the group motivated even when things are slow. We look forward to having her in this role to lead from the front, set the tone, and keep breaking milestones for the group to chase! 

Congratulations, Angelina! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“Ang! WHAT A GLOW-UP! Ang joined us in 2021 from the Workday group. She moved back to be closer to family and friends during COVID. She was finding her way around Gov and navigating through the quirks and different processes. To say she hit a few roadblocks along the way is an understatement. She moved during COVID, joined an entirely new brand, and had to adjust immediately. How did she, do you ask?   

Ang, I am so proud of you and all the growth you have accomplished, not just with spread but by making a name for yourself in our brand and our company. You deserve this promotion, and I cannot wait to see you hit the other milestones in your future – RDM.. the list goes on!  

From the slack queen to Senior Recruiter! I could not be happier or more proud of you; congrats to you & Charlie girl, for the biggest glow-up of the year!” – Kayla Jones  

“I first met Angelina at the Harrisonburg training center, and it was then that I knew she would be a star. Going to JMU and being from Virginia, I figured Ang would join us in the Herndon office. However, Ang decided to start her career in Andover as a Workday Recruiter. After lots of success with the Workday team, Ang decided it was time to get closer to home and asked about moving to the Virginia office. I was very excited to hear the news because I knew Ang would fit in excellently and she would crush it here. Saying Ang crushed it would be an understatement. 

Furthermore, Ang is a pleasure to be around; she is intelligent, funny, and witty. People love being around her because she is down to earth, keeps things fun, and motivates others.  She truly wants the best for everyone and enjoys watching others succeed. Please join me in congratulating Angelina Fragala on the promotion of Government IT Senior Recruiter!” -Nate Rose  

“Ang! Our newest Gov Senior Recruiter, girly! Since starting with Gov in June 2021, Ang has worked tirelessly to make a name for herself and become a go-to recruiter in Gov. Ang is crushing it. She is a top recruiter in the Gov IT group and brings the energy; Ang is notorious for getting everyone hyped and keeping the office fun, especially at Wednesday night karaoke. Ang constantly challenges herself to improve, set new goals, and be a role model in the office. Ang sets the bar high and continues to impress every day. Congratulations on a very well-deserved promotion! Let’s celllly!” -Tarah Lovato