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Anthony Fratturelli Promoted to Medical Device QVC Sales Manager

January 13, 2022


Anthony Fratturelli started at ALKU in June of 2018 as a Medical Device Account Manager after interning. From the day Anthony started, he made an immediate impact. He set the tone for new hires and created a friendly competition amongst his team members that pushed everyone to be the best version of themselves. Anthony had leadership qualities from day one. He spoke up, led by example, and followed the ALKU process blindly.

Even though Anthony faced adversity during the pandemic, he was on a mission for the greatest comeback in ALKU history. He has been an advocate that if you work hard, learn from your mistakes, and be humble, you can accomplish anything. Anthony is the type of leader who does so much for everyone around him without taking credit. He is selfless and extremely passionate about his team and his energy is infectious. He is the first to volunteer for a College Relationship Development event, attend Employee Resource Group meetings, and help with Training Centers when needed. In his new role, Anthony will continue to be a great ally for Corporate and Talent while he develops the next layer of sales within Medical Device QVC.

Congratulations, Anthony! We are very excited to see you excel in this next chapter!

“Oh, Anthony!!! I’m smiling from ear to ear writing this promotion because it’s more than well deserved. Your story is arguably my favorite. You flipped the script in 2021 and became the future of Medical Device QVC. What you have accomplished in less than a year is remarkable. You led by example, and everyone followed you. Anthony is a natural-born leader, and he wants to be heard, but more importantly, he listens. He is the most sincere, thoughtful, and passionate manager. There are no lengths Anthony won’t go to for his team. He puts everyone else around him first and does it with the biggest smile. With his efforts, he helped Medical Device QVC grow significantly in a single year by developing future Account Managers and being an ally to Recruiters. When you are in Anthony’s presence, you are inspired and captivated by his energy. Anthony, working with you for the past three years has been such a joy for me. Thank you for trusting me with your entire life and being such a great friend to lean on. You are only getting started and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you. Congrats on everything and thank you for all that you do, Medical Device QVC to the moon!” – Kristina Zoto, Senior Medical Device QVC & RS Sales Manager

“Anthony Fratturelli… You made it my friend! This has been a long time coming and I know we always say, “Hasn’t he already been in that role??” but I think we can all attest to what Anthony meant to Medical Device QVC, but also the entire Med brand in 2021. This man was the epitome of staffing in 2021. He not only achieved a new spread high, grew multiple Account Managers beneath him to new spread highs, but also helped grow the entire Medical Device brand exponentially by his unselfishness. He truly portrays what it means to lead from the front. I have had the privilege to work alongside Anthony from early on, dating back to our intern days. As soon as I met him knew two things, I would have a best friend here at ALKU and he would do big things. I am sure by now the majority of ALKU has met Anthony because he is one of the most outgoing, helpful, talented, and hard-working Account Managers to ever walk through the doors of ALKU. If you haven’t, I would change that if I were you! I could write one of our million inside jokes here, our time in NY, the time we stayed till 9 PM on a Friday and had to try to close the most complicated account breaker deals ever, or so on. But I will save everyone from reading that essay. Simply know, it has been genuinely fun and an honor to watch you grow and develop into the leader you are and to be your right-hand man for so many years. This is just the first stop along the way to bigger and better things. So happy and proud of you man. QVC and the Med brand would not be where they are without your hard work and unselfish attitude. Medical Device QVC to the moon!!” -Alex Parenteau, Medical Device QVC Recruiting Manager

“Anthony Fratturelli! What a guy!! When we look for leaders at ALKU we always talk about finding people that have the full package. Man does he have the full package! The ideal sales leader is one who leads by example but also can inspire, manage and connect with those on his team. This is Anthony in a nutshell. He is consistently the hardest worker, he finds ways to work smarter and has remained consistent since starting at ALKU. I watched Anthony have one of the best glow ups in ALKU history skyrocketing his spread in under a year span. As impressive as this is, it is his ability to manage that has put him in this position. If you asked Anthony his biggest accomplishment, he would point not to his individual accomplishments, but to Medical Device QVC group success. While on a roadmap they grew their spread in a single year eclipsing a group milestone for the first time in company history. None of that is possible without Anthony’s leadership. Anthony’s resume is stacked but the best part is he is just getting started. He’s not usually a guy to pat himself on the back but this one is worth it. Congrats on your promotion, very well deserved. Medical Device QVC to the moon!” – Bob Cordaro, Director of Medical Device Sales